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Kioti KL 451 Compact Tractor

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Greatest Midsized Tractor I Have Used Very Universal


              Well as life turns full circle so does the things we do in that life. As a boy I was raised growing crops in Ohio and driving a tractor then. I learned a lot of things that have helped me over the years. I have operated so many kinds of machinery on job sites and even in a peat moss bog in Minnesota. I have used lift trucks diggers of all kinds and even a 80' Boom Truck. So when the Landlord said we could plant what we wanted across the road in the field I was ready to go. Since the ground is all wet from the melted snow I decided to till it up early.               I had never used a midsized tractor before so it was a surprise to find out just how toughit was. The Kioti-KL451 Compact Tractor is very strong for its size and will take any standard tractor attachment that a large tractor will take. We had to grade the driveway today from several days of rain but I will have all the field done by Saturday. This tractor has been here since I moved here 3 years ago and Daniel said they have used it for at least 6 or 7 years now. So before you go waste all that money on a great big tractor check this out and see.You just might be surprised.

Zirconia, NC


Kioti KL 451 Compact Tractor

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