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King Koil
King Koil  New Escape Pillow Top Mattress

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I've never slept better


Although there was nothing technically wrong with our queen size bed, my husband and I were tired of sharing it with a two year old bed-hog. My daughter was going to get our queen size mattress while we happily got a new king size bed!!! When I saw this mattress at the furniture store, it immediately caught my eye. The brown cover made it look so luxurious. When I tried it out, it felt as if I was laying on a fluffy cloud. I bought it and couldn't wait for my husband to feel how comfortable it was. It is an individual pocket mattress, so it transfers movement a lot less than a standard mattress. My husband tends to toss and turn, so this is a huge plus for me. Most of the time when I wake up in the morning, I have to check and see if he is still there because he doesn't wake me up anymore! I still love the brown cover on top. It is so soft that I almost didn't want to put sheets on (don't worry, I still put sheets on). I would recommend this to anyone.

Aberdeen, SD


King Koil New Escape Pillow Top Mattress

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