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King Arthur Flour
King Arthur Flour Dough Whisk

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Pleasantly surprised


When I was ordering this dough whisk I'll admit it looked a little bit strange but I wanted to give it a try. After using it a few times to make several recipes I have to say it makes mixing and whisking MUCH easier. There are several great things about this: The handle is large and easy to grip The metal part doesn't have little spots where food can get caught It is so easy to clean So when using this I noticed right away that the handle was nice and fit great in my hand making it easier to use and I found that my hand didn't get tired. Also, there are no little places on the metal where pieces of food can get stuck like with EVERY other whisk I have used. Lastly I love that it was super easy to clean. I just rinsed it off and had no problem getting food out of tight corners. So happy with this product! Do you need a new whisk?? This is for you!

Denton, Texas


Wonderful Kitchen Gadget


This is the most amazing little tool I have ever used in the kitchen. It mixes heavy batters or dough with very little effort and clean up is simple. Ease of Cleaning I don't put mine in the dishwasher but not much sticks to it. I suppose you could put it in the dishwasher but the wood handle would wear out faster. I recommend putting mineral oil on the wood handle. Durability It seems very sturdy. I bought the larger one since I could grasp the handle anywhere if I wanted it shorter. So far I have used it to combine and kneed bread dough and mix a heavy cake batter. Design When you combine this little hand mixer with a large bowl it mixes almost as quickly as my kitchen aid mixer. Personally I think it it takes less effort when I include set up and cleaning. I use short hoeing strokes in the bowl and the batter combines in a couple minutes. One of the demonstration videos has a chef beating in a circular motion. I doubt I have the strength in my hands and wrist to use it like that.



King Arthur Flour Dough Whisk

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