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Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream

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My eyes wake up and smile with this eye cream!


I started using this product a few months ago when I started to notice the crow's-feet around my eyes.  I knew that I had to start something, but I was hesitant, because I have tried products in the past that are too greasy and they just clogged the pores around my eyes.  The first day that I went to put the product on, I could actually feel it firming up the skin!  I have not had that problem at all with this product at all, and I really feel like my crow's-feet have disappeared!! The formulation of this product is also supposed to help with dark under eye circles, which was not the thing that I personally purchased it for, but it certainly is a great bonus, and I have noticed a difference there too! It dries on your skin really quickly, so it is really great to put it on in the morning and then go ahead and put your make-up on right over it!  I have since bought the Kinerase Lotion, and I love that as well!

Madison, WI


The Best


This is a great eye cream and worth every penny.  In fact the whole line of Kinerase is wonderful.  I am on my second tube of eye cream.  Normally I only buy a brand once and go onto the next.  I have tried samples of the whole line and fell in love with it.  The eye cream you only need to use a tiney dab for each eye area.  It is moisturizing, not greasy and goes non nice.  Really helps those crows feet and the all over deleicate skin around the eyes.

Redondo Beach, CA


Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream

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