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Kilz Casual Colors Interior/Exterior Flat Paint

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A Great Indoor or Outdoor Paint


I bought some old lawn furniture at a yard sale a couple of years ago and even though it looked horrible and was in desperate need of refinishing the pervious owner said that it was just cosmetic weather damage and the pieces were still in excellent shape. A friend of mine helped me sand them down and prime them but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a basic white paint and sealer on them or do something that would match the back of the house. I asked him if this pain would work on wood furniture and he shrugged his shoulders. Not knowing what the results were going to be, we tested it out on one of the benches and when it dried it looked a lot better than I expected. The paint that we used is the same paint that was applied to the trim and the window casings on the outside of the house. I really liked the color and that it was flat not glossy. When we did the rest of the furniture with the left over paint we used a sealer on it to keep it from getting dirty and to make it easier to clean. The trim on the outside of the house was done six years ago and still looks amazing; none of it has faded in the summer from the sun so I am hoping that the same thing applies to the furniture. Since we used a sealer on it there is a little bit of gloss to it now but it still has a nice appearance. The Dusty Rose shade is light but not washed out or pale looking; the Casual Colors series has a lot of options and since it can be used indoors or outdoors you can use it for accenting trim, painting larger areas or small touch-ups. I got this from my local paint store and asked them if it was a color that they usually stocked; the clerk said that it was one of their more popular colors and something that they always have in stock. What I like most about this is that you get even coverage from it no matter where you are using it or how you are applying it. You can use a brush, roller or sprayer and you are going to get a smooth finish from it.




One Coat Coverage Even Over Red!


I love KILZ paint. I'm an occasional faux finisher (for money, not just for myself). I've not found any other paint that covers in one coat like Kilz. I painted my brother's dark red living room with a tan color and it covered in one coat! Save yourself loads of time and skip priming, and painting at least 2 coats. Once I was working a faux finishing job and the clients had also hired a regular painter for their plain walls. He was there as I painted a burgundy color that covered nicely in one coat and he had to ask what kind of paint I was using. He of course was using an expensive brand and going to a lot more trouble than I was. Durability I have painted this paint on my own walls as well as clients'. I have walls that I painted 10 years ago that are still doing quite well. Coverage I can't say enough for how well this paint covers! Ease of Appliation The one negative about this product (and it's pretty minor) is that the thickness of the paint may not be what people are used to. It is pretty thick and if applied with brush, needs to be applied with a lighter touch to avoid brush marks.


Mission, KS


Kilz paint is the bomb!


I started liking Kilz paints after seeing how well it looked on  my sister's flawed walls. The flat paint covered everything! Also, she has very shakey hands and it still looked flawless. I was very surprised. So, last year, when I was re-painting my own house, I bought all Kilz paints. It covered in one coat, was true to color samples and was so easy to use and clean up! These days, I tell everyone to use this paint. It even covered the marker from my neice with just one coat. It also covers any color paint so easily. It is a thick paint with very little mess or splash and since it's latex, it cleans up and wipes off like magic! Most paints also smell terribly strong and cause my daughter's asthma to flare up. We had no problems with this paint at all! My contractor was even impresssed with it! I will never buy any other brand of paint in the future. I'm SOLD on Kilz and it's one coat coverage!


Belpre, OH


Kilz Paint works realy good on the walls.


Kilz paint is what i decided to go with for painting the inside of my trailer, i used it on all the walls in the house in all the bed rooms and the bathrooms. I found that is comes in all kinds of ritch colors and seems to be good at covering up ugly wall paper. It coats onto the wall smooth and will just about cover up any thing ( may how ever need to use more than a couple coats of paint). I dont how ever like the strong smell it seems to have a stronger smell than that of other brands of paint but at the same time this may be because it is a stronger paint. It is made to last threw many things such as scratching on the walls caused by pets and kids... may how ever still show marks depends on if you use flat or gloss effect. I used the flat for the liveing room and the mast bedroom as well as the master bath. I used the gloss for the back bath and the other two rooms, and it seems to be looking fine. So if you are wanting to cover up marks and or bad wall paper go get some Kilz paint it will defantly cover up what ever you need it to.


Holt, FL


I love Kilz interior/exterior paint - just one coat!


I decided to repaint my living room and dining room a couple of weeks ago, I had a mint green color on my walls and decided to paint to paint it in two different colors the **Kilz **peanut brittle and the **Kilz** red fox.  Well when I went to the hardware store to ask about the paint I was told I would have to prime my walls because I did not have white walls to begin with; well I thought that was just too much money and was dis-hearted.  Then I started to really read the labels on the different paint brands and when I got to **Kilz** I was amazed at their claim that I did not have to prime my walls I could use the their paint and it would cover in one coat.  I was a little hestitant but decided to take the plunge and bought my first gallon.  I decided to break this project up over two weekends.  I know you other busy moms understand that.  I went ahead and bought the red fox color a dark red color and did my three accent walls the first weekend.  I am a novice painter and accidentally rolled my brush onto the wall that I was not intending to paint the red fox color.  However the next weekend when I went to get the peanut brittle color a dark gold/yellow color I was truly amazed that the peanut brittle covered my mistake and it only took the one coat.  Needless to say I am a true believer of **Kilz** paint and I will use it again when I paint my kitchen, hallways, and bedrooms. 


Goldthwaite, TX


Kilz Casual Colors Interior/Exterior Flat Paint

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