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Killz Killz One Coat Paint

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I tried store brand....don't even waste the money on it!


I am currently in the process of renting a new home, and hopefully buying it in the near future.  A good friend of mine owns the house and she said that I could do whatever I want to the place.  Of course, I decided to put fresh paint on all of the walls and get the carpet cleaned until we buy it, then I will replace the carpet altogether.  After finally deciding on colors for my house I went to buy the paint.  I know from experience already that Killz is a wonderful coverage paint, but, out of curiosity I went ahead and bought a gallon of the Killz paint, and a gallon of the store brand paint.  I almost used the entire gallon of store brand paint in the hallway, trying to get it to cover, I think I put about three coats on it because it was so thin.  The Killz gallon however, I used it on three bedrooms, with one coat on each wall, and still have some left over.  You can't really get much better than that.  Yes, the Killz is expensive, but so much more worth it!

Pleasant Hope, MO


Killz Killz One Coat Paint

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