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Clarifying Shampoo
Kiehl's Tea Tree Shampoo

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Kiehls tea tree shampoo is an invigorating deep cleanser


Kiehls Tea Tree Shampoo is really wonderful. It is a deep cleansing, clarifyer for your hair. It allows the scalp to have a natural treatment of tea tree to absorb while it lathers up to a wonderful , foamy shampoo..It is really like a purification system for your hair. Tea tree oil is natures own "natural antibiotic". It really cleans deep down. Tea tree oil has been used for years on skin and nails..Now this shampoo allows us to use it in our hair to reduce any residue buildup in our hair and helps deep clean for dandruff flakes. Seriously folks if you have not tried Kiehls Tea Tree shampoo for any of the stated reasons you should..You will be amazed at how wonderful it works to clean out all the buildup in your hair. Especially if you have dandruff if takes care of all that flaking with natures own "antibiotic"..I have never had a problem finding Kiehls or using it.It smells great and works like a charm..

Brunswick, OH


Kiehl's Tea Tree Shampoo

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