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Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+

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This is by far my holy grail sunscreen out of the countless I've tried in the past (and believe me, since moving to sunny california I have been on an endless hunt for the perfect high spf yet still sheer sunscreen). Starting out with my least favorite bit about this: the price tag. It's a name brand so you'll have to fork out some extra dough, but the benefits far outweight the cost. The problem with most physical sunscreen is, like my past beloved Shiseido, is that they usually contain titanium dioxide, which leave a pale white mask on my face that wouldn't blend in with my skin no matter how much I rub. Kiehls is a chemical sunscreen that has a super smooth formula that immediately absorbs and blends in with the rest of my moisturizer. The scent is mild and not overwhelming, another big plus since my skin is super sensitive to sunscreens yet I have not ever broken out from this. The SPF is perfect for extended stay in the sun (though I still need to reapply every couple of hours), and the tube is classic Kiehls: minimalist and sleek and ergonomically designed to easily be handled and fit into your purse. People who are afraid of burning (or tanning even!) and don't want to suffer the white mask that is prevalent in almost all physical sunscreen...get this!! I'm positive it'll be your new favorite sunscreen too.

Berkeley, CA


Best sunscreen for oily skin!


The fantastic thing about Kiehl's is that they have great samples for all their products, and they usually are a good size too, letting you get a couple of uses out of the sample so you can really know if the product works. I got a sample of the Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ and it came in a cute little tube that you can easily throw into your purse. I have combination skin that's heavier on the oily side, and I've tried so many sunscreens that leave oily residue. This one is the first sunscreen that left ABSOLUTELY NO RESIDUE (I was utterly shocked!). I almost thought that I didn't put any on, and so I put more on, but again, it leaves no residue! It absorbs quickly, has no scent and is great to wear under makeup. I also like that it's SPF 50, which is a bit overkill but hey, when my face is wrinkle-free in 50 years, I'll have Kiehl's to thank. Yes it's a bit expensive, but there is no other sunscreen as effective or oil free as the Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+. I highly recommend that you find a Kiehl's store near you and ask for a sample (which they are more than happy to give you) and try for yourself. Then come back and write a review to let others know! I swear you will only buy this sunscreen after you try it!

Wheeling, IL


Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+

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