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Kiehl's Over Night Biological Peel

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This product is simply amazing. Especially during fall/winter periods. It does all the work while you are sleeping, and you wake up to see a smoother, healthier looking skin. I didn't notice the change in my pore size yet, but I've been using the product only for two weeks. Hope to see the results soon! But overall hIghly recommend!



wow! my pores have vanished!


i must say that i absolutely love this product! when i arrived at the kiehl's store in santa monica, i expected to be greeted with the usual aggressive sales pitch, instead i was handed a fistful of samples and shown several products in a non-threatening way by the manager. i explained my concern over large pores and general t-zone oiliness. she immediately led me to this product. i was very skeptical but decided due to kiehl's excellent reputation and no-hassle return policy, i would test it. what can i say, but WOW! i have noticed a clarity of my skin, and noticeably smaller pores. though it is described as a skin "peel" there is no irritation. this product is awesome. be sure to use just a small amount as a little goes a long way. i feel this is so unlike a scrub or mask as its not meant to be a quick fix. i honestly feel my skin has changed, and have not had to wear full foundation on my face for over a month now.thank you kiehl's!!!

Los Angeles, CA


The first product I've used that did more than it claimed to.


I noticed my skin lately drying out a bit and the pores getting more noticeable, thought I'd give this product a shot. Its expensive but you don't use much of it and it's very hassle free - you just put it on before you sleep and wash off in the morning. Not greasy at all, can't tell its there when you sleep. Amazingly I woke up after only one night of using it, checked the mirror, and to my surprise it did exactly what it said it would and after one night my pores were visibly smaller and my skin feels soft and rejuvenated. I'm amazed and am now dedicated to this product!

Victorville, CA


Kiehl's Over Night Biological Peel

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