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Kiehl's Eye Alert

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Nice product.


I recently received Kiehl's Eye Alert as a sample when I ordered another product. Loving every other product I have ever ordered from Kiehl's I figured this one was worth a try. A little eye cream goes a long way and this sample lasted me a full week of daily morning usage. I was not disappointed. There was a noticeable difference in my under eye puffiness and the black circles underneath. Being a mother of a six and two year old, I have many nights with little sleep. Some mornings a product like eye alert is exactly what I need to help me look refreshed. Even if I don't feel it, I want to look like I got 8 hours! This product is very lightweight and is absorbed instantly by the skin. There is really no scent and the little scent it has is very pleasant, akin to plain lotion. I am planning on buying a full size the next order I place with Kiehl's. I would highly recommend Eye Alter to anyone that needs to look refreshed after a poor nights sleep.




Helps alleviate dark circles


This Kiehls product is great. I started noticing dark circles underneath my eyes so I was looking for a product that would give my eyes a lighter look, not so tired. So a girlfriend of mine suggested Kiehls eye product to help relieve the dark circles under my eyes. Once I did the research I discovered that the dark circles under my eyes was linked to a vitamin deficincy, so I began to take some more vitamins and I sought out this product that was highly recommended to me. I have never used an eye cream before but I thought that why not lets give this a shot. The price is a little steep for the amount you get, but your paying for the name brand and also for high quality. The eye alert worked wonderfully, I saw results within two weeks, so if you are looking for a quick fix this is not it. Do not smear the product under your eyes or it will get into your eyes, but rather gently pat the product into those dark circles. I would definitely recommend this product.


Orlando, FL


Kiehl's Eye Alert

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