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Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner

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nice toner for this price.


Really refreshing and easy to absorb, and I think it's a natural feeling, no special flavor. I feel it has a certain effect for diminishing appearance of pore and now many website is on sale. But the bottle with a dangerous way, sometimes very much crowded out, it's waste, so we have to be properly pour-out (smile).I feel very well! If use it spread the face for dry skin,it's not too expensive. I'm oil and sensitive kind skin(super hard to care skin) My nose has super big pore and has much oil.Other parts skin is common.I feel the first bottle toner is ok,just soso, ordinary untill recently my face became too dry, even a little pain when I wash my face and ran out of a large and rough white dry crusts! My skin is dry and sensitive ~  ~ recuperate is this toner making up on cotton wipe, direct apply is in face.At first I feel some thorns about 2 minutes, but after that will not! After applying,my skin become smooth and white crusts were gone!And then use the moisturizing lotion and serum to keep moisture righ now. It's not good enough just for toner.

South Bend, IN


Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner

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