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Kids II
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Kids II Boppy Tummy Time Play Pad

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Great Way to Help Your Baby with Tummy Time!


My daughter was never a big fan of "tummy time" but once we got this play pad with small boppy attached it was a much more enjoyable experience for everyone! This play pad looks like a cute lily pad with attached toys for your baby to reach for when lying down. You can also change out the toys as you want since they use the toy links. I think this is a great product to help baby's enjoy being on their stomach and improve their mobility!

Denver, CO


A smaller Boppy that's just for fun


This Boppy pillow is *not* designed for wearing around your waist as it is too small.  It's especially made to prop baby up on her tummy when they are learning to raise their head up. Tummy time is important for newborn babies.  Since we are all encouraged to put our babies down to sleep on their back, tummy time during waking hours is very important.  Too much time on their back can delay their ability to strengthen their arm and neck muscles and can also lead to a misshapen head. The **Boppy Tummy Time Play Pad **is not just useful for tummy time, it is also great for entertaining a slightly older baby that is learning to play with toys.  It has three detachable toys on six toys links; a teething ring, a little plush bug and a rattle.  It also comes with a leaf-shaped mat which you can use with or without the Boppy pillow. Not to mention, the design is absolutely adorable!  The colors are bright and cheerful, definitely eye-catching and probably why I fell in love with it when I saw it.  It comes in two designs so that you can choose for either a boy or girl. I used this play pad for my baby girl when she was much smaller.  I didn't use it as much as I would have liked, but I was working at the time and our girls went to a sitter (the play pad stayed at home), so it was mostly used during my maternity leave and afterwards on the weekends. This makes a lovely gift for any baby shower!

Clifton, NJ


Kids II Boppy Tummy Time Play Pad

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