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Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Head and Body Support

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A must have for any new baby!


Wow, I could not be happier with this product! It will turn any stroller, car seat or any other type of a baby seat into an infant seat. It provides support for an infants head and body. I don't think that I will ever have a baby again without having at least one of these!




great if your child likes to be cuddled!


I received the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler in ivory/navy from my sister when my firstborn son came along.  We did not use it for too long, but while we did it was great.  It comes in two piece which velcro together and can be used independently or together (a head support that attaches to a upper body support).  The fabric is very soft, seems breathable, and washes well.  It can be used anywhere your baby needs support...car seat, stroller, swing, but is not intended for the crib or sleep use.  We used it in our travel swing because he was too small to sit upright in there, and it cradled him very nicely.  We also used it in his big stroller since we didn't want to always keep him in the car seat when we were strolling him.  It allowed him to fit nice and snug into his large stroller where otherwise he would have been falling over and unsupported.  Our only issue was that after a few weeks, he didn't like his head to be constrained, so we had to take out the supports.  But I would highly recommend this product for at least the first few weeks of life if you have products that don't have built in head support.


West Chester, PA


The Snuzzler kept my son comfortable and cozy!


I got a Kiddopotamus Snuzzler head and body support for my son before he was born. I put it in the car seat and had it ready to go when we brought him home from the hospital. I just love this product! It was sooo easy to install - basically you place it in the bottom of the car seat and its contoured design allows for easy use around harnesses, so safety isn't compromised at all. The head support and body support are two separate pieces that attach together with velcro, so you can adjust the height of the head support to fit your baby as they grow. The snuzzler is also reversible, there are two colors (one side is light, the other dark) and you can use whichever one matches your design. I had the two-tone brown, which was also the colors of my car seat, so I could use either side, and could switch it up for a change. Also, one side is velboa (a soft plush) and one is a fabric, so there are two different textures. I found one was great for the winter and the other worked well when it got warm in the summer. The snuzzler is also very padded on the sides, which was nice to keep my son comfortable and kept his head from tipping to the sides when he was really little. It also seemed to make him fit the car seat a little better, since it cradled him in the seat. There is no padding directly behind the baby, so it creates a safe fit and doesn't interfere with the harness use. My son used this for a long time! He stayed in it until he no longer fit, which was almost as long as he was in the infant car seat. The snuzzler can also be moved to strollers or swings, basically anywhere baby sits. I only used it in the car seat, so I don't know how it would work in the other situations, but I loved it! It is machine washable (for any of those little accidents, or just general dirt) and has been crash-tested. This is something I would recommend to all new moms (or mom's of a new baby)!


Grandville, MI


Really supports my baby!


The Snuzzler is a great name for this product. Its not only a head support but its a body support too and it is wonderful! It holds my baby's head right where it should and looks really warm and cuddly. It's pretty inexpensive when compared to the other products on the market. I've used similar products like the Boppy Head Support for my newborn and my baby always looked awkward and uncomfortable. I think the difference is that this product has support on the sides not under the baby, so the baby's neck and head arent in a unnatural position.  The Snuzzler also keeps her head from falling to the side and she always falls right to sleep. Its super light weight so transporting it is easy and you can use it in a swing, car seat, stroller and bouncer. I would definately recommend buying this product for yourself or as a gift for someone. It well worth the money and its durable so it will last you a very long time.


Franklin, NJ


Super snuggly for your little one


The Snuzzler is great for a brand new baby while transporting in the car seat. Not only does it keep their floppy head straight but since they sleep so much I think it keeps them alseep longer too. Plus, my baby was born in the dead cold of winter and the Snuzzler is very very warm. The fabric cleans easily. It is also very fuzzy and soft. Both of my babies loved this! I would definitely use it again and again with each of my children. It did shrink it a tiny bit the first time I washed it, but I dreid it in the dryer so I'm sure that's why. It was still easy to get into the seat and easy to use. It didn;t seem to effect the usefulness of the Snuzzler. I really like the color because it hides a lot of messes. As you know, new babies are always spitting up, and it just kinds blends right in. I like that the fabric is so natural too. i hate outting unnatural products next to a newborn baby, and this sure is not one of them.


Santa Barbara, CA


perfect for keeping baby secure


The kiddopotamus snuzzler in ivory/navy is something that should be on everyone's baby registry list.  So many times when a baby is a newborn, they do not properly fit into the car seat, pumpkin seat, high chair, etc.  This kiddopotamus snuzzler is adjusted to your baby's size and can grow with your baby to allow him or her to have the proper amount of support for their neck and head.  At such a young age, every baby's head weighs almost as much as the rest of their body does, so it is important to make sure that the supprot is offered to them to compensate for their muscles.  I have found that babies tend to love the extra cushioning as it is made of a very comfortable material that will not irritate your baby's skin.  It has been approved by safety boards for use in car seats.  The entire product is machine washable, and it takes no effort to get stains out of it but a quick trip through the washer and dryer!


Richmond, TX


Kiddopotamus Snuzzler is a good baby support


The Kiddopotamus Snuzzler is a good support for your baby. The only reason I rated it good is because if is not a good support for the car seat.  It is a great support for all the others, including: strollers and swings.  It supports baby very well, keeping them from slumping or falling over.  My baby has used his from newborn to almost thirteen pounds so far.  The snuzzler is super soft and very cozy for baby. It is also very easy to wash and keep clean, it simply removes from whatever you choose to have it in and throw it in the wash!  Attaches to things with velcro, making removal very easy.  I received the Kiddopotamus snuzzler as a baby shower gift.  I would recommend this snuzzler to anyone having a baby or knowing someone who is.  It is priced very fair, making it a great buy for the budget in mind. I also love the fact that it is two sided, one warmer for colder months and one cooler for warmer months!


Vero Beach, FL


Love this product, great for newborns!


I am a 3rd time Mom and I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about this product at first but added it to my baby registry because of the price.  The price is very reasonable and I did receive it as a gift for my baby shower.  For my previous children, I used a standard head support & it was always too big for the newborn stage - even though both my girls were born over 8 lbs.  This snuzzler is great for newborns and adjusts in height for a growing baby.  I am using it in a Graco Snugride infant carseat and not only does it fit great but it is also very soft and comfortable for my baby!  I love this product and it is lightweight and allows for the harness to fit secure but not too tight.  I also love that it can be used in a stroller as well as a carseat.  It could probably even be used with a premie which is a great plus as well.  I would recommend this Snuzzler for anyone looking for a greart head & full body support for your baby.


Gloucester, VA


Don't bother if safety is your first priority!


We received one as a gift before our daughter was born. She was due in December, so I looked forward to using this to help keep her extra warm and cozy in her car seat. However, when we went to get our car seat inspected, we discovered that such after-market additions to carseats were NOT a good idea because they are not safety tested. So... safety took precedence over coziness! You might find it useful in a stroller, but I would strongly caution people who are buying this or registering for this thinking only of how cozy it will be and how cute their little one will look bundled up in it! Try to find a carseat that already has headrest inserts to make the carseat cozier for your baby, because these factory installed extras are tested to be safe. Avoid using anything in the carseat that comes between the baby and the back of the carseat or between baby and the straps. Our carseat inspector suggested just using rolled up blankets around our daughter's head... not as cute, but safer!


Littleton, CO


a wonderful fits like a glove for your little angel


This a fantanstic product for new parents.  The *Snuzzler by Kiddopotamus *works in strollers, carseats, joggers, strollers, jumpers and just about anything else you will lay your new baby in.  It is easy to use, with no nees to thread straps so this means it can be transferred easily from carseat to stroller and back again with great easy.  The *Snuzzler by Kiddopotamus *is made with plush ivory on one side and smooth cotton on the other and is reversable.  When it is dirty run it through a washer for easy cleaning.  It adjusts as the infant grows and gives valuable head support as it snuggles your precious baby.  It lets your infant ride in a cushy environment with suitable support that will give you the cofidence you need not to have to check every three seconds to make sure  your infants head is supported suffiecently.  I would recommend this product to all new mothers.  The Kiddopotamus has also been featured on The  Today show by Meredith Vieira.  I would say this is a must have item for all new mothers.


Longview, TX


Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Head and Body Support

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