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Kidco GoPod

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Great for travel for babies and toddlers


I bought this because we are planning on going on a trip when baby is about 7 to 8 months old and wanted something like an exersaucer that would be easy to pack and bring along with us. So far we love it! It is VERY easy to set up, you just choose what height you want the GoPod to stand at, and even with my 3 month old son, the lowest setting was low enough that he could stand up on his own and his legs weren't dangling. This was a problem I had with other exersaucers/activity centers we tried out in the past. I know 3 months is a little early than the usual but he can hold his head up pretty well and we use the Hugga Bebe with it to cushion him so he's not shifting around so much in the seat. Another great feature is that because it is fabric all the way around baby there is little chance of him hurting his head on any hard toys/items. Furthermore, there are loops to hook toys onto which makes it easy to change it up so baby doesn't get so bored with the same things. The seat is generously sized so it will grow with your growing baby/toddler. The material seems very good quality and well made and durable. The gopod also comes with a traveling bag with handle to make it easy to pack up and go with. We haven't traveled with this yet but we love it already and know it's going to be very useful when we do!

Mililani, HI


Kidco GoPod

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