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Kidco Babysteps Electric Food Mill F900

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Great for any kind of food processing


I originally bought this to make my own baby food, but have used it for soooo much more. It is very easy to use, and purees just about anything. I use it all the time for veggies that I need to chop for recipes, and it barely takes any time at all. Would highly recommend this over the more expensive food processors.



Kidco Food Mill is a great tool for making your own baby food!


The Kidco Electric Food Mill has made making my own baby food so easy! In addition to the electric food mill, I also use a manual food mill and regular kitchen electric chopper, but the Kidco Food Mill is the best tool for really getting a good puree on tough foods, like broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots. You do have to check to make sure it has gotten ALL the big pieces chopped up, but as long as you don't fill it too full with the whole food, it does a great job. When our daughter was just beginning with food, I would do fruits also, but fruits essentially turn to pulpy juice when their done in this mill. Another bonus: it's super easy to clean. I just take it apart and throw all but the top part (which is easily wiped clean) into the dishwasher.

Altoona, PA


This Food Mill works great.


I used this to make baby food for my grandson for about a month.  It is quite easy to clean, doesn't take up too much cupboard space for storage, and it works well.  Be careful when cleaning the blades... they are very sharp and can cut you very easily.  Of course, this is a good thing, because it means that it's good at cutting up food. This food mill is good at grinding up food to your desired consistency.  If you want to keep food a bit thicker for older children, that is not a problem.  However, if you want to make it a liquid for beginner eaters, that is not a problem either.  Adding water also helps to make the consistency more smooth.  I never had a problem with chunks being left over or anything like that. The food mill is also quite fast.  It doesn't take long to mix up food.  The only downfall is that it's not very big, so you will probably have to make up your baby food in a few different batches.

Buffalo, MN


Baby Food Bliss!


This product is perfect for the mom looking to make her own baby food.  I bought my first one for my daughter.  Then for my son I bought another (the reason I bought another -and this is my only complaint- was that the piece that held the blades straight came out and at the time I didn't know what the piece was and threw it away....duh.  The blades didn't stay in place resulting in the main container having its sides shredded...mostly my fault, I should not have ran it without the missing part.) This product is quick and efficient at making baby food smooth as needed.  It is also small and easy to store and very very simple to clean. It is also small enough to pack along and take with you.  I have a small hand crank grinder and I never use it because compared to the electric one...there is no comparing them. I found that I could use it to make quick large batches of baby food or could toss in a banana, milk and cereal for just one serving.  I really do love this product and would buy a 3rd if needed.

Salt Lake City, UT


Good, but the plastic hand crank one works better for baby puree


This processor was nice to have around because the parts are so small to stick in the dishwasher repeatedly. My real food processor does a speedier job, and pulverizes food a bit better, but is also a monster to wash. This one does the trick of breaking the food down for making your own baby food, but it won't get it as fine as commercial baby food (unless perhaps you run it through a sieve). However, I liked giving my baby a bit more texture since she became accustomed to table food very rapidly. I'm not sure it was for that reason, but it had to have helped. It does vibrate your arm a good bit since you have to hold down the button the whole time. Just think of it as a mini massage! :)Overall, if you are making your own large batches of baby food and want something electric, this would be a good choice. However, I've found the manual Kidco food mill worked much better (but only does a small amount of food at a time).

Manassas, VA


Kidco Babysteps Electric Food Mill F900

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