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Dry Dog Food
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Kibbles & Bits Wholesome Medley Dry Dog Food

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My Dog's Absolute Favorite


This is my go-to dog food for my dog. She is picky and will let food she doesn't like just sit there- this is the only dog food that is gone within minutes! No complaints here since price is good too.

Bowling Green, KY


My dogs love Kibbles 'N Bits Medley Dry Dog Food,


I have 2 dogs, a dashound (9 ys. old) and a lab ( almost 14 ys old). They both love Medley Dry Dog Food. My lab has learned to get to the bowl first because my dashound will pick out his favorite flavors. I have tried many kind of dog foods, but this one goes fast. I have noticed more pep in my lab and taking her walks in the woods again. I would, and have, recommed this to any friend that loves their dog enough to give them healthy dog food that they love.

Swannanoa, NC


My Dogs crave it !


Kibbles and Bits Wholesome Medley is a great food to feed your dog. My dogs are picky eaters , but Wholesome Medley is one dog food that they both will scarf down. When I serve up Wholesome Medley my dogs come running.  It doesn't have any artificial flavors in it, so you can feel good about  feeding it to your dogs . It has real vegetables , such as peas and carrots. And  it has apples in it. Wholesome Medley is  just like the name says,  wholesome, it doesn't contain any preservatives. This is a good a dog food that is healthy to feed to your dogs. It has vitamins and nutrients in it which will improve your dogs immune system. We all want to have more time with our precious dogs. So feeding them a healthy dog food , like Wholesome Medley gives me confidence that my dogs will be alive longer, giving me lots more days to enjoy with them. Since I started feeding it to my dogs, they have a better coat. Their coats are shinier because of the healthy fats in the dog food.

El Paso, TX


Kibbles & Bits Wholesome Medley Dry Dog Food

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