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Keystone Candle

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Quick Shipping, Myriad of Scents And Products!


When I shop online for things like candles to give as gifts I know that there are some websites that are going to be at the top of my list for first-searches. Keystone Candle is one of them for a couple of reasons. They have a massive array of scents and products to choose from and they are located in Pennsylvania. While they aren't close enough to actually drive there to shop, they do ship things out quickly and package them perfectly so there's never any breakage. About a year ago a friend was celebrating her tenth wedding anniversary and has a passion for candles. She is a pastry chef so anything dessert related is usually going to be a huge hit with her. Keystone is one of the few sites that sell a multi layer candle that looks exactly like a parfait. I ordered her the pumpkin parfait and the apple parfait because they have an estimated 45 hour burn time. They were almost ten dollars but I knew that from past experience it would be money well spent. They were a hit with her and she said that they lasts a little longer than expected. The site is easy to navigate and has a lot of candle-related items; I am scent-sensitive but I still enjoy certain light scents like Ocean Breeze and Fresh Linen. They are one of only a handful of online stores that sell long-burning unscented votive candles and that's what I use for Halloween and Christmas when I have illuminated decorations. In addition to regular candles they also sell LED candles which are safer if you have younger kids in your house. When I have had to call them to ask about a candle or product they sell I have always reached a human instead of a massive voice mail system or something that is outsourced. For me customer service means a lot and while there are some items that I might be able to get from other sites for a little cheaper I know that I am supporting a local company when I buy from them.



Keystone Candle

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