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Keys Fitness
Keys Fitness Alliance Treadmill

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My Keys Fitness Treadmill is Okay


My Keys Fitness treadmill is okay. I like being able to exercise in my home when I'm home. I travel a lot, so have used a lot of eliptical machines and treadmills in hotels and have liked many of them more than mine at home. That being said, it works fine, it's just not outstanding. In fairness, we bought this treadmill because it was on sale and the price was right and I'm sure that the machines I use in Hotel fitness rooms are much more expensive models. I'm not an expert on treadmills, and I like the wider walking track, but it just seems sluggish to me when I use it. I'm sluggish (I hate exercising), I don't need my treadmill to be sluggish as well, it doesn't help. It's also very noisy and as it has aged has gotten noiser. I did notice that others have complained about service and support, but I can't really comment on that. We've owned it for about 3 years and it hasn't broken down on us yet. I should mention that my Husband and Son do not share my reservations, they love our treadmill. However, although I've marked that I would recommend this to a friend, I would only recommend it to a friend if they got it at an incredible sale price like we did, if they had to pay full price, I would recommend they try another brand.

Winchester, KY


Do not buy a KEYS FITNESS Product


I bought a Keys Fitness treadmill approx. 3 years ago from Super Jims Fitness Store online.  At first it seemed like a great deal as I had purchased lifetime repair of the unit and also lifetime replacement of the belt.  I never received any paperwork such as a sales receipt or confirmation of the extras that I purchased from either Super Jim's or Keys fitness.  After a year the incline motor broke.  The first repair I center called was a huge joke.  They took it apart and never came back.  The second one put it back together so at least it worked again, and ordered the motor.  Two different times the wrong one came and once it didn't work.  This repair center got tired of dealing with Keys and gave up.  It has now been two years since this treadmill has worked correctly and it looks like no hope of it ever working correctly.  Stay away from either of these two companies or you will be disappointed and out a lot of money.  Even if we told the repair center we would pay for the repairs up front they are very apprehensive about dealing with Keys Fitness for the parts.  Very poor customer service and after market support.  Bad decision on this purchase.

Dalton, PA


Keys Fitness Alliance Treadmill

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