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Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Latte Espresso Machine

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I love this Keurig!


This Keurig is by far my favorite. I own a regular Keurig brewer plus the Rivo. There are so many different drink options you can make. My favorite are the cappuccinos. The only downfall is that you can't get the special Rivo cups in stores, at least not that I've found. This brewer is easy to use, even my 12 year old can use it with no problems. I used to buy a cappuccino at the convenience store every morning on my way to work but now i can make them at home. I save a lot of money and my at-home cappuccinos are much better. Overall, this is the best brewer I could have invested in. I have no regrets and aside from the off-line availability of the Rivo cups, I have found no Cons with it.

Savanna, IL


love the keurig


I love the Keurigs! So the Keurig Rivo Capuccino and Latte Espresso Machine is another to add to the list. Beautiful, delicious, fresh cappuccinos or espressos in minutes. This is a great one for a single cup of fresh coffee or for impressing guests and having them choose what they would like, then preparing it before their eyes. It is really fun, simple and practical to use. The coffees are always delicious and only the best. Great quality both the coffee you can buy for it and the machine itself. Keurigs are really a nice, simple luxury to have in your home and I love using mine. I have a blast with it. Brew Performance Delicious! Ease of Cleaning Simple, quick, and fun. Ease of Use Very simple to use and easy to learn, even for beginners who have never used one before. Design The designs of the Keurigs are always bold, modern and attractive. I like all of them. Durability Keurigs have great durability. They are built to last and they really do.

Minneapolis, MN


Convenient and easy to use


I think it is a great product for both hot and cold coffee. It takes a little more space than the usual single serve coffee machine, but it is worth it to have both options in one.I do not have to use a blender to make cold coffee now. Brew Performance I have used the keurig coffee pods for this and it brews very well. I don't have to leave it brewing , it fixes a cup of hot coffee in seconds. The taste is fresh and strong too. Ease of Cleaning All the parts of the brewer are movable and I can remove them and wash them. They are dishwasher safe. I also saw a coffee cleaner liquid in Be bath, haven't used it yet, but that could be good option to clean the insides of the system. Otherwise the instructions say, just brewing hot water for a couple of times cleans it up. The froth system is removable too. Ease of Use Very simple and user friendly. Design It is a little big because of the double system it has. It is heavy too , so I keep it in one corner of my counter space. I would have liked it to be a little lighter for sure. Durability It is sturdy and the parts are of plastic, so should be durable.

San Diego, CA


Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Latte Espresso Machine

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