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Kettler Kettrike Air Navigator Tricycle

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Great Quality Bike that will Last


I bought this bike for my now 3 and half year old. It is the only bike that he wants to ride out of the 3 that he has. When I first bought it he was 1 and half and we had to push his using the bar which he loved. It made walks to the park easier since he no longer loved sitting in the stroller. Around the age of two he was able to reach the peddles and started riding himself which he was unable to do on other bikes. This is a very smooth ride and he is able to go fast without tipping over. The handle bars move very easily making it easy for him to steer as well. I ended up buying another one this year for my two year old as they were fighting over it. They both love them and I know they will last. They also have a great resale value as they seem to sell on craigslist for close to the original price. If you are willing to spend the money you will get a great tricycle that will be able to be passed down.

Spotswood, NJ


Kettler Kettrike is Quality German Engineering on 3 wheels


Ready to buy your child a tricycle? With so many inexpensive options out there, it can be hard to seriously consider the Kettler tricycle and it's expensive price tag. But one look at the Kettler tricycle up close and you'll be impressed! German engineering at it's best! The Kettler is sturdy, yet smooth. It was built to last. It boasts helpful features that other less expensive tricycles neglect to add. The seat can adjust to grow with your child. Add the push bar and your toddler is ready to start learning how to ride a tricycle with your assistance. Thinking of having more children in the future? This tricycle will hold it's own over time so that you'll be able to pass it down for generations to come. Highly recommend!

Jacksonville, FL


Awesome trike! Perfect for a toddler!


This is the perfect tricycle for a toddler.  The push bar and the seat belt make it even better, although you have to buy them seperately.  But if you're looking for a durable trike that you can adjust throughout the years to fit your child, this is the one.  Even comes in pink/purple for those girly girls!  My 1 1/2 year old daughter could even use this one, and she still can at almost three!

Milledgeville, GA


Kettler Kettrike Air Navigator Tricycle

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