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Potato Chips
Kettle Brand
Kettle Brand - Lightly Salted Krinkle Cut Chips

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Great texture and taste. All natural too!


The kettle chip is very delicious! It has a very good crunchy bite to it cause of the thickness but don't get me wrong. It's not to thick, just thick enough so you can bite with ease. The sea salt give the chip a more natural taste it to it. I prefer this with a nice French onion dip like Dean's. You can't go wrong with the kettle chip.

Kansas City, MO


Quality control sucks lately


I used to love it, before they changed their packaging. When they taste good, they taste AMAZING. But recently, I've been opening bags with chips that taste... off. Like they're stale or something. This coincides with when they changed their packing to something more flimsy, which probably happened when the company was bought by Diamond Foods in 2010. Half the time the chips taste stale. I did notice that in the larger bags/krinkle cut bags, this problem tends to be avoided more easily.

Alameda, CA


Delicious, light and crispy


This chips are super tasty. I buy them by the box full when I can find a good deal online. These chips are thick cut and have a super crunchy texture. I guess that is the trademark of a good kettle cooked chip. They come in a variety of flavors but this is one of my favorite. I don't like a lot of salt on my chips and my doctor said I should cut back anyway. These have less salt than most brands of chips like Lays and Pringles yet they still have a good taste. Yes, they are more expensive than the leading brands but the price is well worth it for the taste you experience on your tongue! If you like a good, crunchy chip that isn't too salty you should be happy with Kettle Brand chips. They are very similar to Cape Cod potato chips. If you have had those then you most definitely have an idea of what the Kettle Brand chips are like. I would recommend these chips to anybody. Tasty, crunchy, lightly salted. Yum!

Chelmsford, MA


When my stomach slows down my midnight gaming, I grab a bag.


These chips are great for the midnight snacker especially if you are like me and like to stay up all night playing games and too lazy to run to del taco or even to the fridge. Cooking?!?! who needs to cook when I can just live off  potato chips and water. They fill me up pretty well too or at least quell my hunger until I finish my game/match to take a break and get myself a meal. In my opinion Kettle Brand is the only way to go and you know I could eat BBQ chips every night but seriously, that would just kill my taste buds. These chips are crunchy, flavored but not overwhelming and enough to make your stomach stop growling. They are far better then Lay's or Doritoes and are actually a lot less dry then most other chips so I don't feel so parched after eating just one chip. Don't hesitate to try this brand out if you haven't already and do not hesitate to try making this something to regularly snack on a daily basis.

Anaheim, CA


Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Lightly Salted chips taste great!


The Lightly Salted Krinkle Cut chips have just the right amount of salt on them.  The chips are all natural which is something that I look for in all the products I buy.  I like to buy food that has ingredients that I can read and know what it is I am actually eating and these contain only potatoes, safflower and/or sunflower oil and salt.  They also have no trans fats.   When I am looking for a salty snack I know that I can eat a little and not feel like I am going to have my cholesterol level hit the roof.  They remind me of home made chips.  Each is a different shape.  Some are more brown than others but each tastes great.  I purchased the 32 oz bag and it is not re-sealable.  My family can't eat the whole bag at one setting so it would be nice if it had a zip seal bag to keep them fresh.   I bought them at a warehouse store so the price was reasonable and have seem them on sale at my local grocery store too.   

Mesa, AZ


Kettle Brand - Lightly Salted Krinkle Cut Chips

4.8 5