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Kerstin Florian
Kerstin Florian Spa Face Neroli Water

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Nice but Pricey spray toner


Ok this  Kerstian Florians Spa Face Neroli Water is a nice product You spray it on your face as a toner its really good for sensitive skin .It has a very lite scent of unique florals including orange blossom . I use it after a work-out to cool down my face and it works well for that .the package suggests you use it as a body spray but I think the scent is way to lite and its way to expensive to use it for that.  I got this as part of a try-me size promo from spa look  its way pricey at 34.00 for 4ozs -my try-me size is  1oz it came with 5 other products that I did not find to be better than regular everyday stuff I  recommend it but its way out of my price range, still I thought you should know what I discovered about it .and if I ever win the loto I'll buy a case

Palm Coast, FL


Kerstin Florian Spa Face Neroli Water

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