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Kerr Pint (16oz) Mason Jars with Lids & Bands, 12 Pack


Preserve the Best from Your Garden with Kerr Regular Pint Mason Jars

Kerr regular pint Mason jars are the best shape for pourable foods like spaghetti sauce, pickle relish and succotash. The shoulder shape is perfect for jams, preserves and pie fillings too, and the pint capacity is just right for family-size portions. This kit contains all the lids and rings you'll need to can a dozen jars. That's enough to make special preserves for family occasions with a few jars left over for the handcrafted gifts that your friends will cherish.

Kerr regular pint Mason jars are easy to shelve side by side or stacked. The shoulders keep the lids from touching and possibly loosening one another. A shelf of full canning jars in a pantry or storeroom is a satisfying sight. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and a sense of security too. Once you can something, you know you can take care of your family.

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Perfect for Canners!


I absolutely adore these canning jars! I have a large garden and can quite a bit so I buy these by the case every year. I have never, ever had a single Kerr jar break on me. I've never had a seal fail. These are the best jars I have ever used and I would never consider changing to an alternative brand. These are wonderfully heavy glass and feel sturdy in your hand. The lids and rings are sturdy as well and fit perfectly the first time and every time. The sixteen ounce size is perfect for so many things and is my go-to size for applesauce since one jar is the perfect portion for two people. I use these for so many things beyond canning as well. I use them to make salad dressing in, to store small amounts of juice, and to hold small bits of nuts and other food items to keep the humidity out during the summer. I really cannot imagine life without these wonderful and extremely versatile jars. I cannot recommend them highly enough, especially if you are a canner. Kerr will always be my first choice for canning jars.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Kerr is the Mason Jar Brand to Beat!


I buy the 16oz much less than the 8oz jars only because I just don't need that much space for my homemade sugar scrubs. However, my review pretty much remains the same as the only thing that changes about the item is the size of the jars. There's so many things a mason jar can be used for so instead of listing all the great things a Kerr Mason Jar can hold and perserve, I'll just say that I love them for my own special Beauty Recipes. Kerr Mason Jars have been used in my family for many generations so I will never stray from the brand. I love that they have different sizes because it's a necessity for my business and what I use the jars for. The Kerr (16oz) Mason Jars are super thick glass and the lids seal perfectly and hold tight. For 12 jars you cannot beat the price. I'm proud to display the Kerr Logo on all my homemade recipes.

Dallastown, PA


MANY uses!


There are so many uses for these mason jars. I have used the 16 ounce Kerr mason jars for everything from packaging homemade bath and body products to canning foods. I even use them outside to hold candles and keep the lids handy so that they can be covered to keep the rain out. There really isn't anything negative to say about these jars. They can be used to make candles, catch bugs, and pack dry goods for camping trips. They are the perfect size for just about everything. They even make great drinking glasses! They can be run through the dishwasher and reused, and are very thick and sturdy. They are perfect for just about anyone for any use that you can think of. I would recommend these jars to everyone.

Hendersonville, NC


Kerr Pint (16oz) Mason Jars with Lids & Bands, 12 Pack

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