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Kerr Half-Pint (8oz) Mason Jars, 12 Pack


Kerr Half-Pint Jar Helps You Preserve Peaches, Jams and Tradition

Making perfect preserves starts with a great jar, like the Kerr half-pint jar. This super little jar is an excellent choice for jams, jellies, preserves and more. With their heavy glass construction and secure metal lids, you know your food will be stored safely and adequately in these jars. The regular-sized jar mouth size makes them perfect for filling and easy to stack and store.

The Kerr half-pint jar also makes a great gift-giving idea. You can fill the jars with favorite candies and tie with a pretty ribbon for a hostess gift, or fill with bath beads for a luxurious gift for a friend. They make fun and funky glasses for a casual get-together, or fill them with soup to take to a sick neighbor. No matter what you use them for, you will be glad they come 12 to a box.

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canning, storage or crafts


Kerr Half-Pint (8oz) Mason Jars, 12 Pack are perfect for making and preserving jams and jellies. However, you will be surprised at all the uses you will find! Kerr Half-Pint (8oz) Mason Jars, 12 Pack are the perfect size to hold beads for kids crafts (bracelet making) to hold stray buttons to organize a desk (paperclips, thumb tacks, rubber bands) and so much more! These are often found for 50 cents each, so I think they are a great bargain. I like to fill them with colorful marbles, rocks or even sand and add a votive candle on top. The heavy glass can withstand the heat making these perfect table decorations for parties. The seal and ring fit tight, sealing your canned goods and stand up very well to the canning process. I also like to fill them with candies, colorful skittles or red and green M&M's and tie with a festive ribbon for an inexpensive, but fun gift for co-workers. Kerr Half-Pint (8oz) Mason Jars, 12 Pack are perfect for any household, whether you can or not, you will be happy with these jars.



Handy, Durable Canning Jars


Kerr Half-Pint (8 oz) Mason Jars, 12 Pack are an indispensable item for me during raspberry season. I love to make at least 5 batches of raspberry jam from my own berry bushes to share as gifts at Christmastime. I also can blackberry jam when there are enough berries. Kerr half-pint jars are also ideal for making crafts such as fairy jars, with moss and fairy figurines, Halloween jars, with spooky creatures, or Christmas jars. When my son was young he liked making snow globes out of them using glitter and water. These jars are the ideal size as well to can crabapples or other small fruits. I always need a few extra around as my husband likes to store nuts and bolts in them.

Everett, WA, USA


A product passed down over generations


There's so many things a mason jar can be used for so instead of listing all the great things a Kerr Mason Jar can hold and perserve, I'll just say that I love them for my own special Beauty Recipes. Kerr Mason Jars have been used in my family for many generations so I will never stray from the brand. I love that they have different sizes because it's a necessity for my business and what I use the jars for. The Kerr Half-Pint (8oz) Mason Jars are super thick glass and the lids seal perfectly and hold tight. For 12 jars you cannot beat the price. I'm proud to display the Kerr Logo on all my homemade recipes.

Dallastown, PA


Need to take care


\I purchased the Kerr Half-Pint Mason Jars last year. The price of the jars was quite reasonable and they weren't quite heavy because of which I preferred buying them. After buying them, I washed all the jars clean and then used them to store apple jam as well as mango jam. I then just placed them on the table and used it often. The jam had the same taste as when it was added in the jars. The lids are made of silver and are made of a good quality. I used the jars for about 10-11 months till the time 4 of the jars broke as I filled in the hot pulp of the apple jam and left it in the jars for about 30 minutes and when I went to check the jam, I noticed that the jars had broken from the bottom and I lost about 4 bottles of jam as glass had been mixed with the pulp and it became all useless. I dint note the amount of heat the jars could handle and so felt terrible when my hard work went in vain and it was completely my mistake.




I was wanted to switch up my soap bottles, scrubs, and candles. So use mason jars instead. They are so much my style.

Bremerton, WA


Love these Jars!


Kerr products are always a winner! There is no worry that they will fail and there is so much support from Kerr...great recipes that always come out right. And you never have to worry about safety. Their standards are second to none!

Glendale, AZ


Kerr Half-Pint (8oz) Mason Jars, 12 Pack

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