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Kerosene Heater

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The fumes are horrendous!


This heater is great for warming the house in cold weather; however, if you turn the flame up too high, it tends to smoke -- unless you clean your equipment quite a lot. The fumes from the kerosene is very strong and can be overwhelming so if you have a srong sense of smell, I wouldn't recommend it for indoor use. It honestly isn't a bad product, but like myself, if you plan on using it, limit it to night time use in order to avoid dealing with the smell it emits in your house.

Blackstone, VA


This heater is junk


I got one of these heaters for the winter and when using this heater it stinks and smokes and now i have to repaint the whole house. Yes i know how to clean the wick and i burn 1 tank in it and then i have to burn it out, so the wick will be clean then MAYBE it will work for 1 more tank. Most of the time before it gets through the tank of fuel, parts of the wick stop burning, therefore it starts stinking and smoking again. I bought and returned 3 of these JUNK kerosene heaters. I am now on my 4th and i have read the instructions and have done everything that it says in the manual to do. I had an old heater that i used for years with never a problem like this, and this is the worse heater that i have ever used and after today this one is going back to the store and i will never buy another one like this and will not recommend this brand to anyone.

Temperance, MI


Kerosene Heater

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