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Kenwood Oil Filled Radiator

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Good space heater that uses little energy.


Heater is very energy efficient. It also heats very well. The only drawback is that is takes some time to heat up, but once heated does churn out some heat! Performance Performs great, but it does take time to warm up. Ease of Use The knob is self explanatory. You have a knob that turns on to the amount of heat you want to put out. Very easy to use. Durability This product is very durable. I have dropped it and bent the radiator part. It still works great even with the bent part. Shouldn't have bent so easy though. Design Very simple design. Its not made to look pretty, but it gets the job done. Safety This product is very safe. It doesn't get too hot, but still puts out heat. It will not ignite anything around it.



Kenwood Oil Filled Radiator MODEL EW7507EK


We have a house which was not well-built. Our son's room is freezing so we ended up buying an oil filled radiator. It is super quiet and we love it for heating up his room. You can set a timer for the heater, but we typically will set it to 70 degrees and once the room reaches 70 degrees, it automatically turns off. Because of the fact that this is an electrical item, there is risk of a fire and all over the oil filled radiator it says to not cover the front of it up and also to keep furnishings at least three feet away from all sides of it. It is also super quiet so it doesn't keep our child awake.

Carmel, IN


Useful - Kenwood EW0507K Oil Filled Radiator


We bought our Kenwood radiator to take the cold edge off our living room. We are unable to use our fireplace because of my sons allergies and were looking for a more cost effective way to warm up than our baseboard electric heat. There are functions I like about it, including the timer and the digital functions. It has done a good job keeping our smaller living space warmer. It is easy to get out and put away, and it isn't an eyesore. I like that we can set the temperature to what we want and it will kick out a little more heat or a little less when nessecary to stay at the temp we set. There is only one thing I don't like about it. The default temperature setting. If you plug it in and turn it off after it has been unplugged for a little while, it goes back to it's default temp setting which is 95 degrees. There have been a couple times I have plugged it in and turned it on and forgot to lower the temp setting. I wish there were a way reset the default temp. Maybe there is and I haven't found it. Over all, we've liked it in our home.

Tacoma, WA


Kenwood Oil Filled Radiator

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