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Kensington Ci65m Notebook Wireless Mouse

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Lasts For A While


This mouse has lasted for about two years but then got completely buggy and now I'm looking to replace it. It has a limited 5 year warranty, but for the price to ship it out it's easier to get a new one. Performance While it worked well, it was fantastic. Light, easy to use, and was fully plug and play compatible with my Toshiba laptop. That lasted for about two years. Now whenever I left click, the right click menu pops up consistently. I have done everything to troubleshoot the problem but it seems to be an internal issue with this mouse. I've tried other mice with the same laptop, etc., and isolated the problem to this Kensington mouse. However, you can't even find the software for this mouse anymore since it is so "outdated" - IN TWO YEARS!!! Durability I will admit that this is a hardy little sucker. My husband was constantly dropping this thing and it never came apart - not even the removable battery door would come off. Perhaps the rubberized siding has something to do with that. Design The design is standard for a mouse but the scroll wheel could have been easier to manipulate. Comfort It could have been a bit more ergonomically designed.

Drexel Hill, PA


Kensington Ci65m Notebook Wireless Mouse

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