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Shine Spray
Kenra Shine Spray

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Kenra's Shine Spray is super fine!


Kenra's Platinum line of products are the best out there.  I love the quality and this shine spray is lightweight and adds terrific shine.  It doesn't add that greasy weight to your hair which ruins a style.  It is truly lightweight and smells terrific, as do all Kenra's products.  You'll love this shine spray trust me!

Grimes, IA


Get crazy shine AND keep your volume!


Another of my all time favorites! Kenra shine spray is in my opinion an undiscovered gem. Whenever I get my hair done I always have to beg my stylist not to use a shine/finishing spray because I lose all the volume in my hair. But then my stylist showed me this. She sprayed it on her arm and when you felt it there was no grease... I was stunned. What's even better is the incredible shine you get from this. And the best part? You can respray as much as you want throughout the day and never go flat or get a bunch of build up. The first time I did my hair in front of my friends they got so nervous when I used my shine spray like a hairspray. But, they were all blown away when all I was left with was soft shiny hair... and volume to boot. I used to think to have one I would have to sacrifice the other, but no more. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have serious damage (then you might need the grease).

Beverly Hills, CA


Kenra Shine Spray

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