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Kenmore electrostatic Air Purifier

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Kenmore's Electrostatic Air Cleaner gets the stink out.


I've owned the Kenmore Electrostatic Air Cleaner for a couple of years and use it quite often to rid rooms of smells and irritants. I live with a smoker, and even though they smoke outside, they still trail the irritating odor back in with them. This cigarette odor gives me a headache within minutes if I am in the rooms they pass through when they come back in, so when I see them heading out for a smoke I turn the unit on. It immediately lessens the horrible smell and reduces the headache inducing irritants quite a bit. Sometimes when the kitchen trash is taken out, it leaves a stink. I turn on the Kenmore to clear the air. If the house smells because the garbage is long over due to be taken out, it may take a couple of hours. The Kenmore is not so effective on smells from anything burnt. I've left it on all day and the house will still stink a bit. I have really bad allergies. Once in a while I will wake up, have a seat in the living room and just start sneezing like crazy. I don't know what gets into the air, dust or maybe something from outside like pollen. Unfortunately it seems to take several hours to remove those irritants from the room. It is kind of a hassle to clean this thing. There are two filters, one is a black cloth like mesh and the other is a removable metal case of thin metal fins. The metal cage of fins can be washed in a tub or big sink, but the fins are still hard to clean because they are very close together, and they are difficult to apply scrubbing pressure to because they are flexible. The unit will stop when it wants to be cleaned, unfortunately sometimes even after it has been cleaned it will soon stop again complaining that it needs to be cleaned. I've had it stop constantly for days at a time even though it was just cleaned and reset, then finally start working again. The Kenmore Electrostatic Air Cleaner is kind of pricey. I use it daily so I suppose it was worth the money for me. It takes stink out of the air really well, but it isn't as miraculous on allergens. I'm glad I have it.


Gurnee, IL


Kenmore electrostatic Air Purifier

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