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Kenmore Washer and Dryer Combo Machine

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would never buy again


The installation was improper from beginnig and only had a week when I had to call for service. They installed the dryer with plastic vent which is against the law in a mobile home because of fire hazard. The automatic dispenser was the first thing to go and I had to have it serviced. Energy Efficiency As far as I can tell it is okay not great but I try to only use it twice a week and only wash and rinse in cold water. Doesn't always spin out good and shakes the whole house when running. Cleaning Time As long as it rinses good the time is appropriate. Performance When you have to call service for a week old machine you can't say it has anything but poor performance. Ease of Use It is easy to use but you have to take the automatic dispenser out frequently to clean it so it continues to work. Design It is stackable if you have a high enough ceiling. Durability A repair after one week isn't durable. Next time I think I'll get a GE.

High Springs, FL


My review on the Kenmore washer and dryer combo machine


I had this combo Kenmore machine and it only lasted me for 3 years which I think was not good.When I pay alot of money for an item that is big like a washer and dryer combo I expect it to last longer than 3 years so I say it is only ok. Energy Efficiency That was good about it it did save me money with being energy efficiency so I liked that alot. Cleaning Time The cleaning cycle doesnt wash as long as I would like but it did get my cloths clean so I was happy about that. Performance The product preformed good cleaning my cloths they always came out clean and white. Ease of Use It was very easy to use I like when a product is easy to use and easy to read where everything is. Design The design was ok I think that the dryer should of been alittle different because it was alittle hard to get the cloths out that was at the bottom of the washer but the dryer was very easy to get to and use so they should of done something different with the design to make it easier to get to the bottom opf the washer. Durability IO was not to happy with the durability because the washer and dryer did not last me but 3 years and I feel it should of last alot longer than that.

Quinby, VA


Kenmore Washer and Dryer Combo Machine

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