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French Door Refrigerators
Kenmore Ultra Satin French Door Refrigerator 78502

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I LOVE this refrigerator!


We had a Kenmore refrigerator for so long, I can't really remember when we bought it. When it finally died, I went right back to Kenmore for another because I have found Kenmore appliances so dependable. I quickly discovered that I was tending towards the French Door style. I like the look as well as the convenience of the freezer on the bottom. I wasn't sure I would like the bin-style as opposed to the traditional shelves for a freezer, but the freezer does have a pull-out shelf also. I really love the shelves in the refrigerator. The glass shelves are easy to remove to clean or adjust the height, and they are so pretty. I also appreciate the drawer bins for cheeses and lunch meats as well as the vegetable drawers. Everything slides out so easily, it is a breeze to keep clean, and it is so well lit it just looks beautiful. The freezer and refrigerator thermostats are easily available, and you can see at a glance what temperatures they are at. Door shelves come off to change the heights, too, and they are so easy to clean and replace. I can't say enough about the refrigerator, I just keep on seeing things I love about it every time I open it. We were fortunate that we were able to buy this during a great sale, too, so it was a bargain to boot. I will always come back to Kenmore Noise Level Hardly any noise. Interior Organization Shelves move easily to make room for anything. Temperature Control Easy to see and reach the controls Ease of Cleaning So easy to wipe up spills, and the shelves and drawers are easy to take out and put back Durability Nothing breaks easily that I see. Design Beautiful! very elegant.

Lanham, MD


Great Kenomore!


Kenmore is the only brand we will buy.  It is trustworth and we always know we are getting a dependable product.  I have no worries when I have a Kenmore in my house.  It is important to me to have something that is of high quality and for a good price.  I love knowing that I have no worries where there is a Kenmore product in my house.  My family has been buying Kenmore for years and this refrigerator is awesome!  It has always been a very dependable product and we use our refrigerator a lot.  Opening and closing it, ice-maker, we love it!  It is easy to clean and since we do not use the freezer too often it is nice having it on the bottom.  It pulls out easily, so it is nice not having to pull with all of your strength.  I love the stainless steel look.  I do not like white appliances because they get dirty easily, black would not go with our kitchen and we do not like the almond color appliances.  The stainless steel is really nice and easy to clean.

Atwater, CA


Kenmore Ultra Satin French Door Refrigerator 78502

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