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Kenmore Triple Task Oven

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I have never had a problem


I have never had an issue or problem with this brand of oven. This oven was at our apartment before we moved here and we have been here for one year now. The oven always heats up appropriately and bakes my prepared food dishes well. It takes about ten or fifteen minutes for the oven to heat up to a 350 degrees setting, and of coarse longer for a 400 degrees setting. All recipes are not exactly accurate with the suggested oven temperature and time cooking. I feel that the temperature settings on the oven are a tiny bit warmer than other ovens. I usually just bake food a little less than the suggested time and then I test the food to see if further cooking is needed. The broil settings work awesome as we have cooked bacon and garlic bread many times. The oven racks are adjustable and easy to clean. The stove top is also easy to clean and it does not over heat. There is also a convenient storage bin under the oven.



Kenmore Triple Task Oven

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