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Kenmore Tower Humidifier

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I love this humidifier


It's the first humidifier I have that will humidify my whole apartment and that on the low setting. It's pretty quiet too. (about 900 sq ft) Output Volume Very good, keep humidity at the level I want. Performance Very good. Ease of Cleaning I soak the filter in cold water once a week and clean the tub and tank with vinegar and water OR javex. Never use both together. Durability The only negative thing is the spring that holds the cap has rusted and is now gone. So now, it's a bit difficult to place the container on the humidifier without spilling a bit of water. I have to hold the cap down. Design I like this design, it fits nicely in my hall. The rusted spring should of been made in a none rusting material or better even, but the refill hole on top of the tank, not under.



A high-maintenance humidifier


I could not give this humidifier a higher grade than 3 because it is time-consuming to use and maintain. It will humidify your room, and it is large enough to run for a pretty long time, but filling it up and cleaning it is cumbersome. Output Volume This is a nice size of humidifier and it has been helpful in getting us through cold, dry winter days. It holds a lot of water. Performance The performance is good, as we have it in a very large room. I think in a smaller bedroom, the performance would be better. Ease of Cleaning The cleaning is tedious, especially since we have hard water and must clean it often. It is hard to get at certain areas. Durability The humidifier seems a little flimsy. I am afraid of handling it too much. It just does not seem to be well-made or sturdy. Design The humidifier looks pretty nice. It is not too obtrusive in the room.

Hawthorn Woods, IL


This Humidifier Is a Bit of a Damper.


I hate giving bad reviews, but this humidifier was a bit of a dissapointment. It is very large, which makes it longer before needing to be re-filled, but the filling up process is quite difficult. I have to fill it up in the tub because it won't fit in any of my sinks. It got a crack in it last year, so I haven't even bothered to pull it out of storage this winter. It leaked everytime I'd put the tank into the console. The other big downer is that the filters were hard for me to find (may have just been I wasn't looking in the right place or something). Before the crack I DID enjoy the extra time between refills and it blew really well.

Grand Prairie, TX




I would say once a year needs to be cleaned, it all depends on how many times you use it. You usually can tell if its dirty by opening it up and looking at the filter, if its brownish or dusty then yes needs to be cleaned.

Kansas City, MO


Kenmore Tower Humidifier

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