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Kenmore Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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worked great for me


I bought one of these about 2 years ago and it was great still works awesome.  it was a great buy i havnt hd any problems with it.  It still gets cold and puts out alot of air.  One thing i have learned is to keep the fans clean as well as the condinser.  if the fans get alot of build up on them they will not push as much air and if the condenser gets plugged it could over heat.  That stuff is all part of maitnence that u have to do on all acs  No problem with this unit every year for summer i turn it on and it works again ive only cleaned mine once i just take it to the car wash  and power wash it the best way to do it.  U don hve to worry about hurting anything either it a tuff unit.  Its the best place to be when its 95 out i would recomend this unit to everybody.  But my dad bought the same one because i told him it was great and he has already had his worked on i think the freeon pump went out could of been something to d with manufacturning.


Laurel, MS


Kenmore air conditioner "great product"


I bought the kenmore air conditioner about two years ago and I do have to say it is the best air conditioner I have ever bought. It has a timer you can set when you leave for the day, so when you come home it is cool. It also has a remote, that makes it nice for someone like me, because I have arthritis and sometimes it is hard for me to get up to change the settings, or to turn it off when it gets too cool. I also like the fact that the cool air doesn't blow right on you, but blows up toward the ceiling. I bought this air conditioner to replace another kenmore air conditioner that gave out on us after about fifteen years with no problems with it what so ever. I am very satisfied with kenmore and would recommed their air conditioners to others, this is my second one and I am very pleased with it. I definitely give it five stars.The filter is easy to get to, all you have to do is pull the front ajar and take the filter out wash and replace, the front snaps back into place and you are done.


Morgantown, WV


Kenmore (75062) Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner is a great buy


The Kenmore (75062) Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner is a great buy. I bought it two years ago and have had no problems at all. It is a quality air conditioner that does a great job keeping my room cool. I would recommend this air conditioner to anyone who wants a quality product at a fair price. This air conditioner has an automatic set feature as well, so you can adjust the temperature in advance in case you go to work and want the house cool for when you come back. You can set this energy saving option for overnight as well, saving you money. There is also an option where you can decide if you want outside air to circulate or just stick with inside air. This is another energy saver. You can get a separate warranty for this product at a minimal cost, but I decided to forego that option since it's doing such a wonderful job without a need for the warranty. There is a great manual that does a good job of explaining all the extra features. Prior to this air conditioner I owned another brand, but now I will always stick to Kenmore after having compared the two brands since Kenmore is the best!


East Brunswick, NJ


Love our Kenmore 75062 A.C. Unit very economical & keeps it cool


We bought and installed our Kenmore AC about 2 weeks ago and just love the ease of use, quality of product and most of all the assorted setting that allow us to economize and use less energy while still having a cool comfortable house.  My favorite feature is the sleep feature which we set prior to leaving for work in the morning and it raises the temp 4 degrees over the next hour and then holds it at the new higher temp for 7 hours before lowering it back to the original temp over the next hour.  It's so nice coming home to a cool house yet knowing that we arent throwing money away and wasting energy all day keeping it that way.  At night we use the economy settings thus minimizing power usage and such.  The controls are super easy to use, settings are very easy to understand and actually use, and it had a rather good user manual.  I really like the fresh air control too which allows us to choose whether to draw in , circulate or close off the access to fresh, outside air. Considering we live in an area where there are occasionally shelter in place warnings due to chemical leaks this will be a useful and reassuring feature I hope to not need.


Worthington, KY


Kenmore Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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