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Kenmore Super Capacity Plus Electric Dryer HE4

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amazing capacity dryer


we purchased this kenmore super capacity plus electric dryer he4 along with a kenmore washer he4 from sears. we wanted a higher capacity washer and dryer combo and these came very highly recommended. we have owned the dryer for many years now and it has had zero issue. the drum capacity is HUGE and can easily dry 5 or 6 towels. the dryer has several different options for drying - high heat, medium heat, low heat, air dry and no heat at all. there is also a beep function to tell you its done and a de-wrinkle option if you're like most people and forget you left clothes in there. we cloth diaper and use the low setting to dry the diapers - it takes 2 cycles but works great. the other heat settings we've used for towels (high heat), regular clothes (medium heat) and air dry (car seat cover). all have worked very well. the lint cleaner is easy to use too. i give this a 5 because we love our kenmore dryer


Stone Mountain, GA


I love my Kenmore Elite dryer!


I bought this dryer to go with the washing machine I was buying. It was very easy to install and get running. It's not the super capacity but i'd say it's got a really decent capacity anyhow. I have no problem fitting in my entire bedding including comforter from a King Sized bed! Everything dries pefectly within the time it says it will. It even has a sensor that turns the dryer off sooner if it senses the laundry is dry before the timer is up. This is such a great energy saver! There are lots of settings you can chose from to get the job done. The filter is located right at the front just inside the door and is very easy to remove and clean before each use. I'm a busy Mom of a teenage daughter and 3 year old and this dryer helps me keep on top of the laundry with ease!


River Falls, WI




I have this washer and dryer combo. I had another brand, but my daughter needed a new pair, so she got mine and I got these. I think they will last forever! The washer spins almost all the water out, then the dryer works great and fluffs them to dry. It has dried everything I have put in there. I never use the timer selection because the dryer is smarter than I am. It dries less time than I ever think it will. My mother used to have to put a kitchen timer on so she would remember to get the clothers. I just have to lsten for the beep and gohang them up. The wrinkles are few unless I leave them in there too long-0that is my fault! I would buy another one, but I am not sure this one is not going to out last me! I am glad Kenmore has decided to warranty their products to the point that they would rather build them right the first time.


Brenham, TX




I loved my dryer!  I lost dryer in Katrina and decided to splurge on a fancy set!  It was super!! Until, the dryer seemed to have a mind of its own... only after having it for around eighteen months...It would quit working sporadically, until it finally quit!  The lights were on, but no one was home.... I did some research and found out that several people had the same or similar issues with their dryers.  A popular suggestion was to replace the electrical panel.  I just wish I could afford to buy the replacement ! 


Pensacola, FL


Does the job okay.


My Kenmore Elite Large Capacity dryer does the job okay, but on many ocassions, it doesn't dry the clothes completely and I'm having to put them through another dry cycle. So, the "Energy Saver" feature is almost a mute point. It has issues with leaving "spots" on my clothes as well. I believe a piece of the baked enamel has come off somewhere within on the drum. I had a dryer that did that before, as well. I do not especially care for the drop down door feature either. It makes it really difficult to get the clothes out of the back of the drum. I find I'm having to all but crawl inside the dryer to remove my laundry! But, the machine was given to me. However, to replace it, I would look at something with a door opening from either side, and something that had a higher rating on drying time. On the up side, it is a quiet running machine. The lint filter is right inside the door and is easy to remove & replace.  


Reno, NV




I love this dryer.. so awesome love all the features and the size  load it can handle is amazing!!! works great I have tried maytag and fridigere but Kenmore ROCKS!!!... I have the gas version.. it is the best dryer I have ever had


Shorewood, IL


I can't live without my dryer!


My HE4 Kenmore laundry system has paid back divedens.  With three active kids, and husband that manages construction sites I do laundry EVERYDAY.  I love the efficiency of my dryer and the capacity.  I had no idea how much I needed it until I had it.


Mchenry, IL


Our Kenmore Elite Electric Dryer-HE 4 is quite the workhorse.


   This dryer sure has served us well over the past 3 years.   Before purchased this 3 yrs ago, used to have to drive across town to a laundromat to dry mattress pads and other bedding in commercial dryer.    Does a great job on jeans & work clothes & wife's delicates but do need to add dry towel to those smaller delicate loads that require low heat or things will sort of glop together & wrinkle.   Great time saver plus saves energy besides doing good job.   This "workhorse" is also quite the "showhorse" as it is a good looking machine.                                                      


Scottsdale, AZ


The gas version of this dryer works great.


We have had this dryer for three or four years now and have not had a problem with it. It is not the electric version but is the gas version. It dries clothes quickly and works quietly. No problems with service either. We have it serviced regularly and the repairman is here on time. So far it works just like advertised.


Eagle River, AK


please dry my clothes in one cycle


Purchased this about 3 years ago and loved it. It's super easy to use but a little too complicated for the 2 year old (which is just a bonus)! I haven't had any problems with this dryer to date - it came with us from our old house and now has a nice dent in the side from the movers (my husband). It is a black and white combo which looks nice - and that's important since you can see it from 3 rooms if my kids leave the laundry/pantry door open! I appreciate all the settings - it's nice to be able to personalize your laundry drying! Sometimes the most basic setting just doesn't cut it! Shows if the clothes are dry or are damp dry - which is actually nice since some things don't need to dry all the way! Look at me now ruining all the nice clothes! Would recommend this to everyone! Just wish we would have bought the washer too - our 1968 Kenmore washer isn't going to make it much longer!


Xenia, OH


Kenmore Super Capacity Plus Electric Dryer HE4

4.3 11