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Kenmore Super Capacity HE2 Electric Dryer

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Good dryer but would get gas next time.


What a great dryer. This is helped a lot by the washer super spin cycle because the clothes come into the dryer less then damp. The dryer is easy to use and I don't really go beyond the auto cycle. You can see the time click down as the clothes dry. I had to have the door lock replaced under a home warranty but it was easily fixed. Load Capacity I can jam in a lot of clothes and everything gets nice and dry. Performance it works good but recently been having problems with the auto dry cycle and had all the electronics replaced under a home warranty. Ease of Use put in the clothes and push a button. can't get much easier. beeps when it is done. Durability other then the repair mentioned above the lint trap works well and easy to clean Design I wish the controls were all flush or touch so that the front panel could be easily cleaned.


Mountain View, CA


Love my Kenmore Super Capacity dryer!


I have had this Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity dryer for about 2 or 3 years now, and I have been extremely happy with it. We bought this dryer at the same time as the matching washer, and the set has made doing my laundry a much pleasanter experience than before. This dryer has an extremely roomy capacity--holds tons of laundry. My old dryer would take forever to get a load of towels dry--I would have to run them several times, but this one gets the job done super fast. It also is not overly loud, or obnoxious while running. One thing that I find annoying about this dryer is that it has a built in sensor so that your laundry doesn't get over dried, but I find that with some loads such as towels, sheets, and jeans the sensors shut off the dryer before the entire load is dry which is frusterating if you don't have the time to keep checking them and turning it back on.


Oregon City, OR


The Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity Electric Dryer Performs Well


I have owned my Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity Electric Dryer for over two years, and I am very happy with it. I chose it to go with the Kenmore HE2 washer. I have never been disappointed in the way it dries my clothes. I discovered early on that it runs a little hot, so I always use the next cooler setting for my clothes. That seems to work well. The dryer is quiet, energy-efficient, and has lots of settings to choose from. I especially like the 90 minute wrinkle guard--my clothes always come out wrinkle free. One thing that's especially nice is the sweater drying rack that just slides in place--such an easy and practicle way to dry those items you are supposed to lay flat to dry. I would recommend this dryer to anyone.


Aurora, IN


I Love My Kenmore!


When we moved to another part of the country and bought a new house I had a deal with my husband...he could get the TV he wanted if I could get the washer/dryer I wanted. We had lived for years the base models that worked fine but did nothing to make the laundry easier. Being a fibers engineer, I knew how to care for clothing to make it last and the base models weren't really set up to make it happen. So I got this baby. And I have never regretted it for a moment. Yes, it was pricier than other models, but the various settings allow me to wash our items without worrying about ruining them. The huge drum size makes it easy to wash a comforter or several quilts without worrying about them fitting. And since it has a sensor in it to determine if your items are dry, you don't have to worry aout whether the items will come out dry (unless you're talking about shoes or something that doesn't give off a lot of moisture because it has an "inside"). And since the sensor can also alert the dryer than items are dry faster than anticipated, you save energy. This baby has paid for itself over the last few years. Everyone asks if I like my dryer and I always answer with a resounding, "I love it!"


Savannah, GA


Fast and Quiet


Super sized tube. Gives contents plenty of room to move, allowing for faster dry times. So quiet I can run it before bed and actually get to sleep. With the optional under storage, there is plenty of room to hold supplies. I have greatly lowered my energy bill by using this and other HE appliances.


Nashville, NC


kenmore he2 saves energy and has a large space for clothes


Got this when we got the washer and its great it saves us energy and has so many settings to dry my clothes with.  I love how nice and big it is and easy to use.  The beeping when its done is very loud and can be annoying but hey i can hear it all through the house.  I don't  like trying to dry my bigger blankets in there though they fit ok they usually dont get dry with just one cycle.  Otherwise its pretty great with jeans and sweatshirts and everything else.  I love that it's energy star and saves us money when we really need to save it.  It's a quiet running machine and we've had no problems with break downs.  I usually use it a couple times on the days i do laundry and it never is a problem and everything gets dry.  I lovee how big it is and i can do alot of laundry at once the one problem is you really have to push to make sure the door is tightly closed. I notice with a larger load of jeans that if i dont push the door tight and it just closes that it will pop open and my clothes will be wet whne i go back.


Stamford, NY


Love this dryer!


We bought this set four years ago and I couldn't be happier with the dryer part of the set. The size of the inside is fantastic. It drys very well and quickly. There are many options to choose form depending on the type of load you are drying. Included came a drying rack for sweaters and other items that you didn't want to tumble. I love using this feature for shoes. It keeps them from banging around saving the dryer and the shoes. It does take awhile but I love using it. This dryer also has a sensor inside so if clothing or towels are not done it will add time and you can see how much time is left on the front display. Also, likewise if the clothing is dryer faster than the time it will adjust the time down to shut off when they are dry. This is a great feature that I am sure saves money over time. The lint is easy to clean out and we have found the machine is easy to maintain. Four years in and we are very happy with this purchase.


Lebanon, OR


Great Kenmore dryer for my new house


We have had this dryer for a little over a year now, and it works really well. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is that items with thin straps (i.e. tank tops, delicate underwear, etc.) get caught on the lint trap and the straps get twisted and break. This problem can be avoided by placing those items in a mesh lingerie bag. The dryer is very quiet, and I like the moisture sensor feature because I can set it and walk away knowing that when it is done, the clothes will be completely dry. It holds a ton of laundry, more than the washing machine. Sometimes if I was one full load and one smaller load, I'll put both in the dryer at the same time. I also love that it is energy star.


Randolph, VT


Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity: High & Dry in a Great Way


**Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity Electric Dryer** The Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity claimed to be energy efficient and able to dry up to 16 pairs of jeans at a time.  Luckily I've have never been 16 pairs of jeans behind on my laundry yet but this roomy dryer (6.7 cubic foot) does hold a lot. **Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity Electric Dryer Features:** *Front loading *large storage drawer under neath *auto moisture sensing (cuts off when dry) *wrinkle guard *multiple settings for everything from delicate, to jeans to heavy duty **Why I love the Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity:** It really does hold large loads from jeans to beach towels and even comforters can be dried at home.  I never get backed up waiting for the dryer to catch up with the washer. The underneath storage compartment helps to keep my laundry room neat and organized. The Wrinkly Guard really does work. (Which is great in a home where a four year old once saw an iron board and asked if it was a trampoline.) ***My Viewpoint: *** I've had the Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity Electric Dryer for 4 years.  It meets all of my laundry needs and I've had absolutely no problems no maintenance required.      


Big Island, VA


The Kenmore front load dryer fills my dryer needs.


The Kenmore front load dryer is a large capacity dryer that is efficient and energy saving.  It is a perfect match for our front load washer.  If I were asked to recommend an outstanding dryer it would certainly be the Kenmore front loader. 


Montezuma, GA


Kenmore Super Capacity HE2 Electric Dryer

4.6 10