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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator 046

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Mostly like our kenmore side by side refrigerator.


We purchased this kenmore refrigerator a year and a half ago. It's easily cleaned on the inside, and out. The design of the inside of both the refrigerator and the freezer are well thought out. The water dispenser has good pressure to it. The shelves in the main area and on the doors remove easily. However, the larger drawers for produce and meat/cheese became difficult to pull straight out, making it feel as though it was "sticking" to the sides. Due to this issue, our drawers have now cracked. Other than the drawers, we have been very pleased with this fridge, and feel that it has lived up to the great name that kenmore has. All in all, a good product. Noise Level The ice maker can be loud at times. Interior Organization The shelves can be moved easily. Temperature Control Very self explanatory and easy to adjust. Ease of Cleaning Cleans very thoroughly with just soap and water. Durability Internal drawers cracked easily. Design All in all a good product and good fit for our family.



A Good Fridge with a Few Flaws


When I purchased my house last year, it came with an almost new Kenmore Side-by-Side fridge. I have never had a Kenmore fridge before, but I was quite impressed. It has plenty of storage in its fridge drawers and we rarely run out of room in the fridge. The fridge itself runs quietly, but the ice machine in the freezer can be pretty loud when making the ice, but the ice machine always dispenses ice face and smoothly, not in a scatter-shot. Further, the shelves in the door aren't as big as I would like, though there are a lot of shelves to use. The taller items we have to put in the top door shelf. As for the freezer, we find ourselves constantly struggling to find enough room in it. So much so, that we have had to buy a standalone freezer for the garage. Those might sound like a lot of negatives, but it still a solid fridge and it is better than my previous fridges.

Spring, TX


Better than a used fridge, I guess...


{Kenmore black refrigerator purchased at Sears}. I just got this fridge in a crunch when my old fridge bit the dust and we could not get it repaired anymore.  We liked that you could get the ice maker in the door, so we opted for that to get more space out of our freezer. I wish I hadn't!! That is the loudest thing I have ever heard!!! I also don't like that the door shelves are solid colored. It makes it hard to see what's inside if it is a small item. I t has lots of space in it and the shelves are adjustable to a certain point. What I like the most about it though, is that you can fit frozen pizza's in the freezer without smashing them or turning them sideways. Also, I like the fact that my energy bill is significantly lower. We had a refridgerator from Montgomery Ward (yes, that old) which made our electric bill shoot through the roof! This has been a significant decrese in energy used. That alone makes me forget how loud the icemaker is.

Rowlett, TX


Its great!


I bought this refrigerators just over two years ago and so far it has been great. i like how the freezer section is exacly large enought to fit frozen pizzas which is the biggest item I will ever need to put in there any way. i think the shelves on the doors also contain a grean amount of storage space. Since I live in a condo it is a little bit big for a smaller kitchen. I recently had my kitchen remodeled and since it was so big I had a hard tom building around it. My contractor asked if I could consider getting a smaller refrigerator but since I like this one so much I decided against it. My only concern was that just a few months after I purchased it, the water filter needed to be replaced.

La Mesa, CA


Absolutely SWEET!


We purchased this fridge a week ago and it is so spacy and the storage capacity is great, we have three kids, they all eat like there is no tomorrow so we needed a fridge that worked for us. The water and ice maker is a plus...Our customer service lady was great, she made our purchase easier. Would buy again from that department at Sears.

Lincoln, DE


Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator 046

4.0 5