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MD TC700
Kenmore Qt. Slow Cooker with Dipper


Kenmore's 7 qt. Slow Cooker is ideal for roasts, stews and soups that need to cook over a long period of time. The tempered glass lid and removable ceramic pot make cleanup a snap.

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Great for large capacity


I have used this crockpot for two years and have been happy with the results. The large capacity easily holds a roast or ham or more than 5 pounds of ground beef. The settings of low, medium, and high allow for various cooking times depending on how soon you want to have your meal. If the time allotted expires, the cooker automatically switches to keep warm and continues to hold the temperature. If you do need to use the keep warm mode, you may want to add extra water to keep your food from drying out, but other than that, it is truly a "set it and forget it" time saver. Time to Heat I usually use low heat setting, which allows for six hours cooking time. Everything I have used it for has been thoroughly heated when I am ready for it, even if it is before the full six hours. Cooking Performance Some items may require more moisture to keep from drying out, but this usually only occurs after the standard cooking time has elapsed and the cooker has gone into "warm" mode. Design I like the removable serving dish that I can set on the table without having to dirty another serving bowl.



Kenmore Qt. Slow Cooker with Dipper

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