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Kenmore Propane Grill

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Solid Grill


I received this grill as a Father's Day gift in 2007. Putting it together took some time but I was very pleased with the end result. I have grilled 3-4 times a week spring through fall ever since. I've had to maintain it but it does a great job. Holds heat well, good searing power and the cast iron grates are excellent. It has survived many Minnesota winters stored covered outdoors. Performance Great Grill Versatility Cooks hot as a broiler style grill should for a good sear. I wouldn't smoke, braise or slow cook with this. Ease of Use Starts up every time without exception. Ease of Cleaning It takes a lot of work keeping this looking new. Not easy to clean. Needs cleaning after every use. Durability This grill stands up, but only if maintained. I replaced the grates and heat tents 2 years ago. Today I painted the heat tents as they were rusty again, painted the spot where the propane tank rests and removed the fire box drip tray as it was turning to rust dust. I replace the drip tray with aluminum roasting pans. 6+ years old, stored covered outside in Minnesota. Still looks and works great. Design As I've seen with other grills the side burner is not used often. Drip tray/pan should be of better material.





We have only used this grill for probably 6 months, so far it has been a great product. I love having the propane, I have always loved charcoal but lets face it, it takes longer and you smell like charcoal after cooking. I love that I can use this with out my husbands help and how quickly it cooks our food.

Terre Haute, IN


This grill won't cook!


We bought our grill in 2007 and enjoyed it for a couple of years, grill maybe once every other week in the summer months. During the third summer, it no longer got hotter than about 250 degrees. This was in spite of storing it covered and in the garage when not in use. In other words, it never sat outside in the weather. We cleaned it as best we could last summer, as I read that spiders could get inside, creating a clog. It helped a little, but the grill still doesn't get hot enough to cook anymore. This year we have been so disgusted we haven't even tried. I would never recommend this grill, particularly given the price, to anyone. If anyone has advice, I'd be open to it.

Boise, ID


Best grill I have ever used!


I have had this grill for a few years, and have found it the easiest grill to use.  Being a senior citizen, widow, I don't need something complicated or bulky.  This works great for me, lights every time.

Harrison, OH


All in all the service was great.


I just wanted people to know that the service we received was quite good.  The grill was ready for pickup as promised.  My husband used the kiosk to pick it up.  The gentleman who helped load it was very responsive and courteous.  Early in the day, I had become perturbed because I was on hold for 6 minutes trying to find out if the grill was ready for pickup.  If I had given my email I would have known it was ready.  All in all it was a good purchasing experience.  So far, we've enjoyed the grill.  The meat was so much better than if it had been cooked using our prior grill which was over 15 years old!  Today we are trying the rotisserie that we paid for separately.

evergreen, CO


Kenmore Propane Grill

3.8 5