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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Kenmore Progressive Bagless Upright Vacuum with Inteli-Clean System

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Worst filter design ever


I HATED this machine. HATED it. It did do a good job but it clogged all the time and was hard to clear out. The gill-type filters clogged constantly and the dust had to be dug out with a stick, which was messy and time-consuming. If you see that a machine has this type of tower filter, DO NOT buy it. The filters are expensive to replace so you don't want to just toss them when they get dirty. Unless you vacuum constantly so you never have much dust to deal with, this machine is a huge pain in the neck. I regretted getting rid of my old, bag machine, which was heavy and had a broken handle but at least didn't plug up all the time and wasn't messy to empty. The thing finally clogged for the last time and I threw it away and bought a Shark with a rinse-able filter.



This Vacuum is almost perfect


This vacuum isn't bad... but after a while, we had to send it in to get repaired because it started to malfuntion, i think the first time it was the bristles that got the hair off the rug that didnt work well, after 1 1/2 weeks, we got it back, it worked perfect. After about lets say... 4 months, the vacuum started to have a "burning smell" or a old appliance smell after using it alot, so we sent that back in, after 2 weeks it was fixed, and it was the motor, overall, im VERY happy with this Kenmore Vacuum. Now, on towards the actual vacuum: This vacuum is beltless, therefore, you do not need to worry about ever buying another belt, or having to figure out how to replace it, and it actually seems to suck hair and dirt up very nicely, compared to vacuums with a belt.

Rochester, NY


This Kenmore vacuum is easy to use and handle


This vacuum has good suction and I really appreciate the way the canister empties.  I have significant allergies to dust and the canister is so well designed that I can actually empty it myself instead of having to beg my husband to do it.  My husband doesn't appreciate the purple, but I find it calming and cheery.  I vacuum 3-4 times a week and have had no performance issues of need for maintenance yet after about 6 months.  It works quite well on things like stray cheerios.  I have small children who like to feed themselves.  We do not have pets, but I do cut my family's hair and have not had an issue with the hair getting stuck in the filter.  The push buttons on the handle to switch between carpet and bare floor are very handy.  It automatically senses when I have switched to the hose, even though the salewoman told me I would need to be certain to hit that button.  the hoses work great and almost all the tools fit right on board.  It does not get very close to the wall on either side, which makes for a little more frequent edging.  It also does not pull up the pile on my shag carpet as much as I would like.

Cambridge, MN


The kenmore progessive bagless vacuum is great


When I was looking for a new vacuum I went back and forth between this vacuum and another one, and I finally decided on this one because it was bagless and had better reviews than the other one. They let me test out the vacuum at the store and I fell in love with it. The first time I used it at home I vacuumed with our old vacuum like I normally would and then took the Kenmore Progressive and vacuumed again and it was amazing how much hair and sand came out of the carpet even though I had just vacuumed. I used to hate vacuuming but this vacuum makes it fun. The controls were very easy to learn. I love the dirt sensor that lights up it goes from red to green, red being very dirty and green being clean. I wanted a bagless vacuum because we have a dog that sheds constantly and I didn't want to spend tons of money on vacuum bags, plus I like that I can see how much came out of the floors in the clear canister. The canister is very easy to empty out. It has nice attachments that are easy to use. I have had this vacuum for about 5 months and I still love it as much as the day I got it.  

Fayetteville, NC


this is by far the worst vacuum i've ever bought !!!!


I have a Kenmore canister vacuum I bought last year and although it picks up very well it is avery messy product to empty. Dust flies everywhere and you basically need a vacuum to clean your vacuum. I will never buy another Kenmore product again, especially a vacuum.Next vacuum will be an Oreck!!

Independence, OH


It does what it promises


The Kenmore Progressive vacuum with Intelliclean bagless is awesome.  The first time I used it the carpet had been vacuummed with my other one (hoover).  It picked a MASSIVE amount of dirt and pet hair.  The filters are easy to clean so that extends their lift also. Its great since currently we have 5 cats, it pulls up the hair with no trouble.  Since its betless, you dont have to worry about the belt "burning" when too much hair get caught.  It works so well that now I have to take it to my daughters too. The only negative I have is that it is pretty heavy in weight (22lbs) so you get a workout, but for the results its worth it.

Mobile, AL


Kenmore Progressive Bagless Upright Vacuum with Inteli-Clean System

3.5 6