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Kenmore Progressive Bagged Canister Vacuum

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great for dusting, vacuuming floors, and carpet


Over the years we have had only Kenmore Canister Vacuums. They have always been reliable. So when it came time to replace our vacuum, I decided to gift myself at Christmas with another Kenmore. It may seem like an unlikely Christmas gift to oneself, but I really like these vacuum cleaners and they make maintaining my home so much easier for me. We have pets, and using the attachments that come with the vacuum, I can remove pet  fur from furniture and other surfaces. The soft round brush attachment is good for dusting surfaces, and I use it to gently remove cobwebs, the long column makes it easy to reach higher-up areas. The crevice tool is good for reaching into corners to get pet fur.  We don't have any wall-to-wall carpet at this home, but in the past we did, and using the beater bar carpet attachment worked well on the carpet we had through out. I wouldn't consider buying another type of vacuum since for so many years the Kenmore Canister has been essential for cleaning my home.  

Simi Valley, CA


Pretty good sweeper


I was stoked to get a canister vac after using a heavy old upright for years. I hate uprights!!! When I bought this I considered all the Kenmore vacs as I was used to that being a very reliable brand. I'm impressed by the improvements that have been made since the last time I looked at sweepers, like the ease of taking apart the tubes, the on/off button in the handle and the step to release the head. But I'm dissapointed that it hasn't been more durable. I haven't yet had this a year and I'm having small problems. The light in the head turns on and off for no reason. The head is also stuck in one position, medium. All my carpet is very low pile! I haven't had these issues looked at as I didn't buy the expensive warranty. I'm living with these flaws but they annoy me greatly.

Hood River, OR


Kenmore proves dependable


I own a cleaning business and have 7 Kenmore Progressive vacuums. We provide routine household cleaning, commercial cleaning, and post construction cleaning.  I purchased my first one 4 years ago and the last 2 this past year.  I also purchased a Riccar vacuum this year since I was having problems with the electrical components on the Kenmore.  After using the Riccar, which was significantly more expensive, I have decided to repair my Kenmores.  I have had clients comment on how well it worked and have even purchased them for in between cleanings.  My staff think it's the best vacuum they have ever used.  We use them to theirfullest and the only negative I have is the electrical portion in the "wand."  However, I admit that we do not always shut the machine off when switching attachment's and so are partially at fault for this.  The first one I purchased has been used on average 10 hours a week for 4 years, is hauled in and out of homes every day and not always by the most gentle hands, and is still running well.  I believe that if you purchase a Kenmore Progressive and use it for normal household use you will never buy another vacuum. 

East Grand Forks, MN


this is awesome


**I needed a good vacuum and was undecided what quality i wanted with so many choices. I had a great sales person that explained all the features on this vacuum and it is amazing how great and simple it is to operate. I used it and loved it from the moment I heard the motor purrr.   I would recommend this vacuum to anyone. The kenmore offered better features then my old electrolux and was better priced. **

Naples, FL


Worst mistake!


Someone gave me this vacuum brand new as a gift. When I went to Sear's to buy the replacement bags I was talking with the salesman and he was telling me that a lot of people had problems with this particular model because it shorts out. Well one year later it's dead.

Trenton, NJ


Kenmore Progressive Bagged Canister Vacuum

3.4 5