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Kenmore Progressive Bagged Canister Vacuum 21714

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Disappointed in Kenmore Canister


I had a Kenmore Canister vacuum for over 20 years before it had to be replaced. I loved it so much I only researched Kenmore replacements and then purchased the red model. What a disappointment! In less than a year a plastic part broke and had to be replaced. It should have been made with metal! I had to wait literally months for the part to arrive and then it cost over $100 for part and labor. I could have bought an inexpensive upright on sale for less than that.

Anaheim, CA


Unless you have wall-to-wall carpet, this vacuum is a loser.


I have had Hoover cannisters for 30 years. Until now, I was pleased with the product. This new model, however, is awful. I have area rugs and this necessitates changing the attachments often. The bare floor attachment is like a broken foot. Everytime it is raised off the floor it has to be repositioned to function. I cannot imagine how this design was ever manufactured. I try to use the rug attachment on the bare floors, but it is very heavy and clumsy. I am very dissatisfied with this product. Maneuverability Heavy. Clumsy. Poor design. Ease of Maintenance Attachments not easy to remove. Ditto bag replacement. Durability I have no idea how long it will last.



The Kenmore Progressive Vaccuum is outstanding!


I love this vaccuum! I was not disappointed when I bought the Kenmore Progressive Canister vac. Its easy to use, and the best part it really does clean and vaccuum up the dirt. Its two best features are the suction control, and the pet har attachment. These alone were the reason behind my repurchasing this vaccuum! Maneuverability This vaccum has a 360 degree swivel ability on the hose so it moves great. Its also got a prop up feature that you use on the vac. for the stairs that makes it easier to vacuum these. Ease of Maintenance There's not much to maintaining this vaccuum. Really all it entails is changing out your vaccum bags and cleaning up dust off the outside of the vacuum. One great thing is there is an indicator light that comes on when it is time to change the bag (it will be red.) Suction Performance I am very picky when it comes to vacuums. I have hated every one I have ever owned until this product. I bought this Kenmore Progressive 5 years ago and used to tell everyone it was the best vacuum ever! We upgraded about a week ago to the latest model(they upgraded some of the parts) and its even better then the first one. There are different levels of suction (this was a new feature) and I keep it on the best one and you can actually see the carpet get sucked up after you are done rolling the vacuum over it thats how strong it it. Versatility There are many different ways this vaccum can be used. It has both a bare floor and a carpet mode and it also comes with various attachments including my favorite pet powermate attachement. This attachment is like the mother of all attachments. It does stairs and furniture and the suction on this thing is incredible. Design I like the design of the Kenmore Progressive vac. It simple and compact enough for this user. Durability I am not a fan of the flimsy plastic covers for the accessory dept. or the bag dept. On my last model these broke within 6 months and I was hoping they would have upgraded these as well. They didn't and I am anticipating having to call them for a replacement in the next 6 months or so. I hope not but they are flimsy. The rest of the vaccum is made very well and has stood up to a lot of abuse (hitting into wall corners, etc.)

Clifton Park, NY


Kenmore Progressive Bagged Canister Vacuum 21714

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