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Kenmore Powerhead Vacuum

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Love my Kenmore vacuums!


I own more than one Kenmore canister vacuums, and love the canister types. The powerhead on these vacuums do an excellent job of cleaning, plus the attachments means I can also dust as I go through a room. Use the long wand with the dust brush to reach taller corners and door sills, and without the wand for coffee tables and dressers. The vacuum comes with a Power-Mate jr., which I've never had a use for, but would be handy for someone with animals or stairs in their house. The electrical cords are long enough, although the auto winder sometimes doesn't do it's job as well as it should. As with any bagged vacuum, always try to keep extra bags and filters handy. On these Kenmore vacuums they're easily changed, and will help keep the vacuum preforming better.

Indianapolis, IN


Kenmore Powerhead Vacuum

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