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Kenmore Power Miser 12 Gas Water Heater

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Excellent performance, long life


This water heater has been performed well for us for over 10 years, which, I am told by my plumber-neighbor, is quite a feat. Throughout the lifetime of the water heater, it performed reliably, heating a new tankful of water in less than 1/2 hr., with the relatively few times we actually ran out of hot water. In fact, when it finally 'died', we purchased another one as similar to this one as we could get. For the price (middle of the road) I believe this is a very good purchase. It worked hard for us, getting myself, my husband, and our three children through 10 years of hot water usage. Laundry, dishwasher, long showers, etc...very rarely did we run out of hot water.


Ft Mitchell, KY


Pilot light will not stay lit - what a POC


Bought this dog last year. It immediately (<1 month) started having problems with the pilot light going out. Tech came out, diddled with it, worked for a while and then pilot light started going out again. He replaced assembly (under warranty) and that seemed to help, but again this summer the pilot light's going out. For the amount you pay for this premium water heater it simply should not have this magnitude of pilot problems. I've been a homeowner for 20 years now and have had to light this thing more than the cheapo builder-grade units in the other two homes combined. And to the clown who said all you have to do is keep the filter clean - (a) it's a piss-poor design if it's that sensitive, and (b) the unit was brand new when it started having problems.


Pflugerville, TX




Bought the powermiser 12.  Had it less than a month, had to be replaced due to the tank developing a crack.  Then the pilot light started going out.  Serviceman came and repaired it.... he knew from experience what to replace.  In a year and a half it malfunctioned this way 4 times!!  I am sitting here waiting on a call from a serviceman.....  should be here sometime between 8am & 5pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hearing of a class action lawsuit.  This problem apparently affects the vast majority of these water heaters but sears won't fix the problem correctly, which apparently should be a mass recall!  I am very disappointed in Sears.  Looks like after 20 years of buying Kenmore, it is time to find me another brand! DO NOT BUY THE KENMORE POWERMISER!!  Just google kenmore powermiser problems/defects and you will see how widespread this is!!


Pearisburg, VA


Great water heater


People who  have pilot lights that go out after 2 or 3 years is because they do not follow simple maint procedures. Air filters (flame arrestors) on the bottom of the heaters should be cleaned a least once a year. A water heater vacuum brush will clean these filters.   Fof a video on cleaning your water heater use the subject below in  You Tube The majority of problems on todays water heaters can be solved with the tightspot vacuum brush   For some reason I cannot post the direct link here.


Jackson, NJ


Kenmore Power Miser 12 Gas Water Heater

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