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Kenmore Pint Dehumidifier

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Kenmore 50 pint Dehuey works wonderfully in small spaces!


Works well and quickly and quietly. Happy with this dehuey for sure. Effectiveness Works well in all rooms however it runs FOREVER in large areas so the power efficiency is sacrificed. Safety Turns off when full like it is supposed to. Ease of Cleaning Bin and filter are easily cleaned and sanitized. Durability I have used this every winter for the last three years without any problems. Design Attractive and functional.



I've used this for many hours and it still works fine.


I have used this Kenmore dehumidifier for several years and it still does the job.  I can have the water collect in a 5 gallon container, or connect a hose and have it coninuoulsy drain into a sump pump or other drain.  I have used all the options.  This Kenmore dehumidifier has moved with me to three different houses, and was borrowed by my sister for a while.  It continues to work when called into service.    When it works it produces more heat than I think it should, which is no problem in the winter, but I also use it in the summer when the air conditioning is broken.  All in all, warm dry air is more comfortable than slightly cooler humid air.  I get a quar of water out of he air within an hour - probab,y more a function of the high humidity than the machine itself.  I have used it for emergency flooding, in times of a broken air conditioner, and just for a muggy basement.  Everything I've needed it for has worked out.

Alexandria, VA


Kenmore dehumidifier was a good purchase


Our old dehumidifier was a complete drain on our electric bill, plus it kept freezing up, so we decided to buy a new one. I reviewed my options on a consumers review site and decided to go with this model because it rated well. We've had it for around 2 years now. I like that it is an energy saver. It gives you the option of having a 6 hour, 3 hour or "as needed" cycle. We generally keep it on the 3 hour cycle. It also can be run on high or low, we use low during the dryer months, high during the spring and fall. It definitely pulls moisture out of the air. We have a 1500 sqft basement and it does a pretty good job of keeping it dry. My only complaint with this model is that it's rather loud. You can hear it throughout our whole house when it's running.

Lansing, MI


works, but not very energy efficient for large rooms


The Kenmore 50 Pint Dehumidifier is an average quality product that will remove moisture from the air, but it does so at a cost of high energy comsumption and therefore high electric bills.  The dehumdifier has worked well for about 3 years and it does enough to remove the moisture from my finished basement and leaves it feeling noticeably drier.  The product is fairly quiet while running, and can be set in many different modes such as six hours on and off, or three hour intervals, and you can also set the humidity level that you would like the room to settle at. However, it is far from an energy star appliance.  When I use it a lot I notice a significant increase in my electric bill, and it can add up pretty quickly.  I would also recommend trying to use the included hose so that the humidifier can be emptied automatically and directly into a sump pump, if that is an option for you.  Carrying the container up and down steps to empty it every other day or so can become bothersome.

Oxford, PA


try my dehumidifier by kenmore it's a great product 123dddddddd


i moved into my new house a year ago and i started useing a dehumidifier by kenmore and i can breath better and it get rid of bad ordors. it makes my basement fresher i really love it and would tell anyone to give it a try for themselves.

Redford, MI


reccomend to others


The Kenmore 70 pint low temp dehumidifier works great.The energy saver function of 3-6hr run time is a nice feature also.Ive had no problems to report of and this unit is extremely durable.(take my word on that).The other nice feature about this unit is the optional drain hose connection.I use this feature to drain directly to my sump pump from a standard garden hose.

Collins, NY


Kenmore Pint Dehumidifier

4.0 6