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Top Load Washers
Kenmore Oasis Top Load Washer

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Kenmore Oasis is the best washer.


I have owned my Kenmore Oasis for a little over a year now and after all the washers I've been through, I have to say this os the best one yet. It does'nt use alot of water like the older washers do. The wash  time  is cut in half. My power bill is much lower and my clothes are so clean. I can't believe that so little water cleans so well.

Toccoa, GA


I love my Oasis!


We purchased our Kenmore Oasis washing machine 4 years ago and love it. We have never had a problem with it at all - although since then I have read reviews about the Kenmore Oasis and there have been those who have had a lot of problems. I love the Kemore Oasis' Canyon capacity - one of the main reasons we bought this washing machine. I can fit a queen size comforter or a queen size blanket in the washer without a problem. It also senses the amount of water that you need, so there is no excess water used. This machine uses HE detergent - which is a little difficult when we first purchased it because there weren't very many brands that made HE, but now every brand has an HE detergent. It spins your clothes very well and gets rid of a lot of excess water, which cuts down on the drying time and saves more energy. It does shake some when it spins the clothes, but not excessively. I would definitely buy this washing machine again!



The Kenmore Oasis is a great choice for large families!


The Kenmore Oasis washer was touted as having a large tub that would handle anything you could put into it. This was the major selling point for me - the large tub and the Kenmore brand. My weekend brigade of college kids (3) pack in their loads of clothes that would cripple any lesser machine and this washer handles them with ease, producing clean, fresh, bright clothes. The only two negatives are that the soap/softener dispensers are difficult to keep clean and the normal cycles are quite long. The water level auto-indicater, however, more than makes up for those tiny negatives, in my opinion! King-sized comforters can be washed in this machine, eliminating the necessity for a trip to the laundromat to utilize a heavy-duty machine. Delicates are not over-looked either, and, as a seamstress, mandatory fabric selections are a necessity for me. In the two years I've had this machine, I've never had a problem with it, and it continues to be a reliable asset to my home.

Milwaukee, WI


Kenmore Oasis Top Load Washer

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