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Kenmore Microwave Oven Model #721.63359300/1100 Watts

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This microwave quickly heats water and pops popcorn fast.


My old microwave was about as old as I was so it was time for an update. I am beyond ecstatic with this microwave. I keep it in the basement/party room for quick heat ups, making cups of water for tea, and popping pop corn and the difference in this and my twenty year old microwave is amazing. I can pop a bag of popcorn in about 1 minute and 30 seconds or less instead of having to wait nearly six minutes. If I want hot water for tea, I can usually get it hot enough in about 45 seconds instead of three or four minutes now. The change that this upgrade made was well worth the little bit of money paid. I was trying to be frugal but found that this saves so much time and energy that it is paying for itself. I didn't think I needed a new microwave to put in the basement because anyone coming over could make due with the old one and if it broke, it wouldn't be much of a loss. I'm so glad we upgraded. Performance This makes so much of a difference in my heating and use at parties and pool nights. Settings/Features I don't use the buttons on many microwaves because the timers are often way off, however, this one gets it right nearly every time. I use the popcorn button and I never have burnt popcorn. I can set it to thaw and food is usually thawed out without being cooked half way through or I can set the heat to medium or low and get things warmed up without feeling like they're scorched. Low heat seems best for pizza, high heat for foods with lots of water in them. Ease of Cleaning It's easy to clean and the plate comes out of it for easy washing. Ease of Use It's easy. My grandparents can use it, and my young nieces and nephews. We have no complaints. It's very user friendly. Durability It is holding up well so far. Design It's kind of big but that's okay. It has lots of space for large dishes, I just wish it wasn't as heavy. I also wish it had a second rack in it for a second plate to fit on.



Kenmore microwave oven model 721 isn't very powerful


I have the Kenmore microwave oven model 721. Mine says that it is 650W power which I guess is why I don't like it. It was given to us when ours stopped working and since the price was right we took it. Boy does it make a difference to go from a 1100 watt to a 650 watt. I like the quick on feature and the 3 defrost options make it real easy to defrost things. But that is where the pros end. Here are a few of the cons: it does not have a turn table, it takes twice as long to cook things as it should due to the low watts, and the light is not bright enough. I could live with no turn table and a dim light if I had to but DON'T BUY A MICROWAVE THAT IS UNDER 1000 WATTS - IT JUST ISN'T WORTH IT! I have started to use my oven more as it takes almost as long and tastes much better!

Trenton, NJ


Kenmore Microwave Oven Model #721.63359300/1100 Watts

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