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Kenmore Kenmore 5.1 cu ft freezer chest

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great freezer!


This freezer has been really good so far, I have had it about 9 months or so and it has held up nicely. We keep it relatively full at times and it has really helped out a lot. We do keep it in our kitchen near our main fridge for easy access. I can say it is very durable as I have a 5 year old son who has a tendency to climb things and he has climbed this freezer quite a bit since bringing it home and it has held up great. It does ding easily so that can be a bummer, but that's nothing to be worried about. The thing that I do not care for is the chest part of it. This is my first freezer I have ever purchased on my own and I wish I would have gone with an upright. It can get quite annoying stacking food in the freezer and a week later go to search for dinner and it be at the way bottom. I am about 5' 7" and it I feel like I am nearly diving into the freezer just to get to the bottom. So my next freezer purchase will definitely be an upright. So as a caution to a new freezer buyer, go to a friends house that has one already and test it out yourself before making your purchase. But overall, it has held up great and I have not had an issue with it yet. My light bill has barely moved since buying it as well, so it is energy efficient. Capacity Holds a ton of food if you organize it well. Durability very durable Design Do not care for the chest freezers, but it is a good design.



Compact Neatly, and Just a Little more Freezer space!


Since it is just the two of us, we sold our Kenmore chest freezer and purchased this wonderful compact, just enough room for extra food on sale or specials. Temperature Control The temperature control responded and ready for storage after 8 hours...the manufacture 24 hours but in 8 or less hours we had ice in our Kenmore Freezer. Capacity The capacity of this freezer is suitable for small dwellings. We have ours in the laundry room and it is so nice to have frozen stock on hand. Really like the shelves and how it keeps ice cream. Ease of Cleaning Since the shelves are spaced adequately, and the depth is reasonable, cleaning is quick and easy to maintain. Durability We have not had ours very long, but we love it! Usually the seal is the first think that needs repair, so far so good after a few years. Design Since our home has space limitations and we are chronic pain sufferers, moving this freezer for cleaning in and underneath, while empty, is achievable, highly recommend.



Works great until it stops working.


This little freezer was perfect for us until ten months in, it stopped working. We had read other reviews that indicated this freezer may not last long. For the price and size though we took a chance. I really did like the size and its quiet motor. We kept ours pretty full at a temperature setting of 2 and it kept things frozen solid. It came with a nice basket. But a freezer is something you hope will last. Who wants to lose food when it stops working one day? After researching small freezers, I have found that there isn't much out there that is reliable and durable. Sigh. Capacity Fits a lot for such a small capacity Ease of Cleaning It's a pain to defrost but I knew it would be.

Crescent City, FL


Kenmore freezer chest great buy for the money!


This is a great value for your money. It's great for those people who like to stock up on sale items, or who entertain often. It seems like one fridge/freezer combo is just never enough. This has worked efficiently, runs quietly, and makes life so much easier. Definitely a great buy!

Glen Burnie, MD


Kenmore Kenmore 5.1 cu ft freezer chest

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