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Kenmore Intuition Canister Vacuum

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Works ok, but very expensive!


This vacuum was recommended as a top choice for cleaning pet hair, and for use on hardwood flooring. I would say it does a good job cleaning, but I find that the hose gets in the way and I would constantly trip on it. I also found that it is very expensive, made of plastic and wouldn't buy another or recommend it. It's too expensive to recommend, and you can buy something less expensive that does as good, or better job. Maneuverability It maneuvers easily, but the hose is what trips me up all the time. Constantly tripping over it. Ease of Maintenance Virtually no maintenance. Suction Performance Good suction for picking up pet hair Versatility Works good on both hardwood flooring and carpeting. Design I like that you can control the on/off switch by the handle, but taking the handle apart to put on the accessory tools is cumbersome, and hard to do. Durability I find it to be durable, even though it's made out of plastic.


Palmyra, VA


Kenmore Intuition canister 28014 has major suction!


I recently purchased the **Kenmore Intuition **canister vacuum, model number **28014**, and absolutely love it to a degree. It was brand new, not reconditioned and got it for almost half the original asking price due to a sale sign glitch. Lucky me! This vacuum replaced a 1970s model Electrolux gold canister that was getting passed on to the next generation. I really like the features of this vacuum and based my purchase on reviews from a certain consumer's magazine that gave it high ratings. The tools are stored in the turtle shell as I call it along with my favorite attachment for vacuuming upholstery. Electrolux called this a sidekick and others a pet hair remover tool. Same difference. Lightly mist a little water on the furniture with the pet hair and vacuum away. You get more off with the tool and water than tool alone that way. Haven't tried the carpet attachment yet since we have bare floors throughout. Not terribly fond of the bare floor tool that separates from the carpet attachment. It's different in the way you need to angle it towards the floor which I'm still getting used to, but does work well. I like the fact the on/off, hi-med-lo buttons are on the handle, but this makes it slightly heavy to hold and maneuver with. Not sure why I need a dirt sensor light, but it's there to tell me I sucked up some. The telescoping handle is nice to accomodate people of varying heights. Overall, I'd say it's a great vacuum if you can wait for a sale and coupons to avoid paying regular retail price.


York, PA


Kenmore Intuition Canister Vacuum

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