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Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 790

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Crappy Range


The oven door has been coming apart for the last 2 years. The stove lasted five years before it started to fall apart. The large burner doesn't work at all. Don't know what the issue is. Will not buy another product!






Look for something else. The electric display broke out of mine and is not repairable. I now have to buy a expensive part for a stove that do.esn't heat consistently Temperature Control Does not heat great over 400° Durability See above Design See above


Whitesboro, NY


Kenmore Range


This range has manyfine features. It has burner grate that are attractive and utile. The oven capcity is excellent and has a good deal of room. I like the burner options and the center burner. I think the light button for the oven is very handy and the automatic light when you open the door is neat. The self cleaning feature is a good addition that will save time. The warming oven will come in handy many times. And the convection feature is really useful. The control panel is handy, but I do not like the digital timer, I think it will wear out too soon. The lights for convection oven and warming drawer, when in use, is a handy feature to have. I will be able to use this range with confidence for many years.


Wilton, IA


My new Kenmore Gas Range is just okay.


My old stove worked just fine, although the oven didn't heat evenly.  When we did a little updating in the kitchen, we decided to go with an all white stove, rather than one with black glass on the front.  After looking around for a while, we settled on the Kenmore 30 inch freestanding gas range.  The range looks fine in our kitchen, the top burners are easy to clean.  The grates are heavy duty and are also easy to clean.  I like the drawer at the bottom for warming or storage.  The problem with this gas range is that it still doesn't heat evenly; I always have to turn what I'm baking halfway through, and of course, this involves opening the door or leave it and have it cook more on one side than the other.  I really thought a new stove wouldn't have the same problem as the other.  The oven was priced right, but I would have paid more for a stove that heated evenly, and wish I had done more research before buying the Kenmore.  


Henderson, NV


Do NOT buy a Kenmore Gas Range 790.774


We purchased this stove about a month ago (right before Christmas). The installers told us to run it about 30 minutes to get the new stove smell out. We did - It smelled bad, but tolerable. We used the oven to bake many batches of Christmas cookies, muffins, bread. Everything was fine until we tried to use the broiler. The house filled with a terrible chemical smell. We turned off the stove and opened up the house despite the cold temps outside. We tried to bake in it a few days later and the smell came back. We called service. They said try the broiler again. We did. We had to open up the house and leave. We called again. The service tech checked the stove over and said it was fine. Set it to cycle on self-clean for 4 hours. It finished the cycle five hours ago. We finally had to return home, and the house still stinks. I don't think I want to know what they put in the stove that can smell that bad for that long. What chemicals have been released into the air? What are we going to breathe all evening? Will we be able to use the oven without the smell? Save yourself some brain and lung cells - avoid this stove!


Milwaukee, WI


my kenmore stove is great


I got my kenmore 4 months ago... It has a warming tray  that I love... My potatoes and vegetables keep warm while the meat is getting done or sliced.. Also has the middle burner that I can cook up more pieces of french toast  than just 2 or 3 in a fry pan.. I am very happy with the stove  ... My daughter has the same stove..


Farmingdale, NJ


Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 790

2.8 6